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About me

  • I worked at the Twin Galaxies arcade in the early 80s and learned to master several games such as Joust, Pole Position, Nibbler, Dragon’s Lair, and Star Wars. During this time, I was a member of the US National Video Game team, attended the 1983 New Orleans AMOA show in late October 1983, and in the spring of 1984 attended the AMOA/ASI show. (Chicago AOE show)
  • One of the arcade duties was helping administrate the International Scoreboard data. Any example from June, 1983 can be seen HERE.  The complete Top 5 score list from May 1983 HERE.
  • I can be seen briefly in the Chasing Ghosts documentary during the Twin Galaxies competition leading up to That’s Incredible. Appear in the “world’s first video game documentary by Sorflaten & Wilson, highlighting the Ottumwa arcade around 1982-83. Appeared in the Star Worlds documentary, Pocket Full of Tokens.  Walter Day was gracious enough to include me in the Twin Galaxies trading card series and his book, Twin Galaxies’ Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records  And most recently, appearing in the Nibbler documentary, Man vs Snake
  • In early 2011 I was introduced to Robotron on the XBOX 360.   In the spring of 2011, I attended a lecture by Eugene Jarvis at the Milwaukee MGC pinball festival.  Over the course of the next year I practiced the game from a real machine, a 19-1 Jamma PCB, and MAME.  By spring 2012, a 10 million game had been accomplished.
  • Currently, I have learned enough about these games to enjoy the strategy that was intended by the developers: Donkey Kong, Tutankham, Moon Patrol, Defender, Berzerk, Centipede, and let’s not forget the crowd favorite- Galaga.

From July 1983 Video Games magazine


From Walter Day’s August 2013 Video Game Cards and Posters event-


Play Meter Magazine December 2014 page86-89 – Covering Pinball Expo 2014 in Chicago, IL

Replay Magazine- January 2015– RePlay Publisher Eddie Adlum is honored with the Walter Day’s Video Game and Pinball Trading Cards’ Superstars of 2015 card as a “Pioneer of Video Game Journalism.” Pictured with Eddie are Mark Hoff (Walter’s right-hand man, who began working for Walter Day in the arcade when he was 14), video game record holder Billy Mitchell (the first perfect game in Pac-Man among his achievements), Eric Tessler (the benefactor who has financially made it possible to produce the card series) and Walter, whose passion for the game industry is second to none.


It makes it all worthwhile when someone you highly respect offers a simple compliment.  Therefore, I’ll share this one. Thank you, greatly humbled…

In August 2013, Christian Gingras‘ story was translated into Chinese for a Programming Blog.

Larry DeMar to Christian:  Congratulations Christian.  It’s wonderful to see your talents appreciated on the big stage after all these years.

And Christian replied with…The credit goes mostly to you, Mark for all the work you do, maintaining the web site Robotron2084guidebook, for the humorist and/or exciting way you describe, for example, the pictures of Larry, Eugene, the real live bird used as model for the Player #1 of Joust, etc. Your web site also has the great honor of getting the real Robotron celebrity who post comments and correct the mistakes of 25 years old memory.

Larry DeMar, Dec. 2013- The very best part of making games is when you get to see people having fun or getting excited about the games. I’ve really enjoyed being a part of this (WDPU) group and have gotten to experience more of those moments which in time have grown too far apart.


The computer is a very primitive robot. Computers cannot do the masterpieces. The best computer in the world is the human mind, the best machine is the human hand. -artist Python Anghelo

There is the fascination of man since the beginning of time, with the sphere. We cannot control the earth, the moon, the sun, the atom, but man always wants control. Pinball is basically another sphere, and the one controlling the sphere is us. The pinball itself is exactly half way between the size of the sun and the atom. This is why we are so attracted and drawn to it. -artist Python Anghelo

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