Pixels – The Movie!

Master player Eric Liddell has been an expert at Defender, Stargate, Robotron and Joust for decades.  Almost the only person from the golden age of arcade games to achieve mastery on all four of the elite Williams Electronics games.

In 2015, he was contacted to provide a million point game of Defender using MAME, which Columbia pictures purchased for a cool 1500 bucks!

Watch him in action on the big screen in this YOUTUBE clip.

Eric’s exact words-

My Defender game-play made it into PIXELS! I was contacted to supply a 1,000,000 INP by Columbia Pictures FX dept about 6 months ago and I just found were they used it in the movie. Cool how they transposed the footage onto the machine!

It was truly an honor to be able to do that and so cool to see the footage in the movie! Whew! whew! I’m stoked.


Eric has long been a member of the competitive arcade gaming scene and can be found in SoCal.  If you are lucky you may run into him in the Twin Galaxies sports complex at Banning, CA.  Loan him a quarter and be prepared to get some old school learning on the greatest video games of history.



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