Defender takes years worth of time to master.  Here is an evaluation of beginner level play by seasoned masters.

  • Wave 1 through 5 Master gameplay tutorial- Youtube
  • and what it looks like when done by a novice – Youtube

As Captain GUS would exclaim, “Lots-O-firin’ and watch yer radar, boys!”

Exact gameplay details by Kai  (max difficulty player)

  • Nice flying.  at 0:21 you really shot well at the 3 landers.
  • 0:24 was an obvious mistake, just part of practice.
  • 0:54 was good maneuvering past the swarmers.
  • 1:08 a “classical” mistake, you have to watch out when you reverse on those guys.
  • 1:29 – flying through the swarm is tricky. Could go above.
  • 1:46 time the fast-burst of shooting better and you won’t miss the swarmer.
  • 1:55 – too fast on the smart bomb, I think you could have gotten all four pods
  • 1:59 tricky situation, good practical handling of it
  • 2:07 probably should have let that humanoid go, took a lot of time to deal with it, and put your ship into a risky spot
  • 2:14 “no idea of what’s going on” – don’t get overwhelmed, just handle what you can, let the rest go
  • 2:32 smart bomb – just a tad earlier would probably have been better, try to get the mutants, they’re the toughest customers, next to baiters (as you see at 2:35). But good job shooting that one at 2:46.
  • 2:54, again, be cautious about when you reverse on an enemy (in this case a mutant) to try to shoot it
  • 3:09 now you’re left with 4 enemies. 4 bombers in particular. This is actually an easy scenario to deal with. Remember Paul Spriggs’ dictum that when you have 4 or more enemies, the baiters are still relatively sedate. So when you have exactly four, take the time to position yourself to kill them all at once. You may have to deal with a baiter in the meanwhile, but it’s usually worth it.
  • 3:43 you made the right decision letting that lander go. You would have been very vulnerable trying to get it. And notice that you had a great shooting spree afterwards
  • 4:00 – avoiding that kind of death just takes more and more practice
  • 4:08 if you would have planned a bit better, and been able to see the radar, you could have killed that lander that grabbed your humanoid a second later
  • 4:30 – you got a bit strategically discombobulated; try to be more methodical with the bombers.
  • I have to say though, going back to 4:43 and thereabouts, you played the baiters pretty well. You have to be willing to engage in that style of play so you learn how to handle baiters. Thus, well done
  • 4:55 I would have reversed and headed towards the bombers, rather than trying to chase them.

General reminders (courtesy of the WDPU FB group)

  • Don’t try to fly around erratically. Concentrate on picking off landers, which will reduce the mutant count.
  • You are a bit timid sometimes getting down the screen in line with the landers, you float above their zone avoiding a bullet that isn’t there.
  • Also try practicing to be more accurate in your aiming, rather than spraying bullets over an area.
  • Your tactics for the swarmers are good, you avoid baiter bullets well but need to practice shooting them, more aim, quicker descents.
  • Practice turning behind mutants and picking them off when you are at the same level as them, there is a sweet spot that makes it relatively easy, see the pro’s videos.
  • When the scanner is full of $h!t keep more of your vision on the main screen, and vice versa. Sometimes you could slow it down a little so you don’t fly past landers at speed.
  • You need to be more ‘level’ with the landers, rather than just above or below them. This makes shooting them easier.
  • With mutants coming toward you on screen : stay at the top of the screen and they will stay there. Fire shots at around the top 2 inches of the screen and you will get them. If you miss simply drop below the mutant until it gets behind and then shoot it, using the sweet spot.
  • And under no circumstances try and fight mutants and swarmers at the same time. That is a definite no-no. Try and keep them apart.
  • It is possible to over-reverse on a Baiter. Let them come to pappa or let them get in line behind you…
  • The ‘classic mistakes’-  These are the ones which get you time and time again until you work them into your gameplay and they become 2nd nature:
  • Things like not flying too far above the Landers (get yourself face to face as soon poss) – and when the second set materialise keep low and let them drop into you firing zone. I know I (GUS) crap on a lot about firepower but that’s where it’s at for me – whereas Mike (MOS) seems to be a little more selective than Spriggsy, Kai and myself – the mark of a great.
  • Another classic mistake is not expecting the Lander to shoot you after he’s been destroyed: he will: always expect a bullet from them either at 180degrees along your firing line or a few degrees higher. You’ll see my play consists of a movement UP after hitting a Lander… just in case.
  • In my head I have a distinct order of priority to kill in MOST circumstances: Mutants, then Baiter and then Swarmer. Even in the thick of a battle I prefer it that way whenever possible – hence my human killing thing! I can handle the slick smoother movements of Baiters better than the stupid crazy Mutants, I HATE them!
  • One more classic error is allowing Landers, Pods and Bombers to be too close to you prior to killing them…

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