Williams Test Rigs

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What are these units?

  • Larry DeMar Nov 2013- That particular unit (the one labeled “sub-assembly testor”) was created by the test lab (run for many years by Ron Kocol).  This is one of many test fixtures created used for production and for service to test out hardware, isolated from the game that it operates in.  This type of sub-assembly tester was mostly used for pinball assemblies ranging from something as complicated as Rudy (the dummy in Fun House) to simpler things like an up/down ramp or drop target bank.  It could also be used for assemblies used in video games such as an accelerator pedal, shifter or steering wheel mechanism.

Would the sub-assembly testor be useful to an operator today (who owns/service many Williams pins and video games from the 80’s-90′)?

  • There was a custom program written for each type of device.  I don’t remember the exact configuration, but it may need to be hooked up to a PC full of these programs to be useful.  Furthermore, in most cases it’s not that hard to see what’s wrong with an assembly (e.g. ramp doesn’t go down, Rudy doesn’t look left) and more trouble than it’s worth to remove the assembly from the machine to find out what’s wrong.  When you’re mass-producing the sub-assemblies it is quite valuable to test each one before integrating it into the machine.  In that scenario it is very worthwhile to use this device.

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