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Robotron 2084 was the 1981 brain child of Vid Kidz, Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar, who previously worked for Williams.

Robotron 2084 has survived for over 30 years due to its’ competitive intensity which challenges the human spirit on every level.

  • Even when mastery of the general game play has been accomplished, the player will never reach a point where they “beat the game.”
  • Robotron is the definition of tenacity at it’s finest.  It could be compared to a fast-action dynamic game of chess.
  • Much like playing chess with a wisened old master, Robotron will remain one step ahead of your most brilliant strategy.
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  • A fun and empassioned over-view of Robotron-
  • An online cooperative 3D version of Robotron REDDITDROPBOX download of game

Robotron 2084 had a profound effect on the landscape of video game design.

  • For example, Atari Food Fight developer, Jonathon Hurd, is quote in THIS article saying, “I always admired Robotron and thought it was the most exciting game ever developed.  In fact, the high levels (100+) of Food Fight were intended to be like Robotron in terms of their speed and intensity.  For whatever reason though, I was never as good at Robotron as Tom Westberg and some of our other guys—I never mastered the dual joystick controls.”

This website was the result of a desire to compile all of the basic information gleaned from my experience in “discovering Robotron.”

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Disclaimer-  The game of Robotron becomes a very personal art-form to the player.  The suggestions here are just one manner of thinking through the complexities of the game.  Every player will develop a unique pattern of strategies that fit their style.  And that is why the game is wonderful and unique. There are no absolute right or wrong answers in your quest toward success. Enjoy the experience.

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