Starting at wave 2 you will have to deal with Enforcers

  • Enforcers will figure out where you are and fire a barrage of “stars” at you from wherever they are on the screen.  If you stay in one place to long, a fast flurry of shots will reign down on you at the exact place where you are standing.
  • Battling enforcers will become one of your first intuitive skills in Robotron. Eventually you will find that you have reacted in a “twitch reflex” response at the slightest movement of an enforcer in your peripheral vision.  You will have shot the enforcer before you were consciously aware that you needed to take the shot.

Stay ahead of the shots – (Novice skill)

  1. Always circle around enforcers to stay ahead of shots.
  2. Cut back in diamond shape diagonals.
  3. Fire full time in the general direction of the enforcers is a must. Never stop firing toward them.
  4. Remember that their shots “stick” to walls and glide down them.  Therefore, try to avoid going right next to a border.
  5. Sometimes, you must go along a border, but make it fast.  The longer you are on a border the more certain your death when being attacked by enforcers.

Using flowing snake like movements– (Advanced skill)

  1. Enforcers tend to shoot toward where you are.
  2. You can use this against them by weaving in fluid arcs.
  3. When an enforcer moves to a corner and gets “stuck” they become lethal, especially when two or three enforcers are firing from different corners.  Never  stay still and you will eventually get the opportunity to hit them between the barage of shots fired down upon you.

Playing “Stay Alive”– (Master skill)

  1. On wave 2, 3 or 4 shoot all grunts so that you are left with only 1 enforcer on the screen.
  2. Do not shoot the enforcer.
  3. Practice moving in weaving patterns and cutting back around them.
  4. You can also practice firing in one direction near them which neutralizes their shots.
  5. Once you can stay alive for quite awhile, try again with 2, 3 or 4 enforcers.
  6. Bonus- This will also teach you how to stay out of the way of the Hulks while focusing on the real enemy trying to shoot at you.  An invaluable skill once they game gets fast and busy.
  7. Wave 2 Enforcer practice- Click video HERE

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