Wave 1 isn’t to be underestimated. It’s teaching you a valuable lesson-

  • Players movement and location on the screen, at all times, controls your fate.

Getting used to firing- (Novice skill)

  1. New players report that using 2 joysticks is tricky due to the need to move your hands independently.
  2. Using only the right joystick (firing), practice killing all grunts on wave 1 without moving your player.
  3. When you are comfortable with shooting, add movement.
  4. My 2 year old grand-daughter can get through wave 1, so I’m sure you will do fine, too.  🙂
  5. Wave 1 Firing practice -Click video HERE

Using the diagram as a mental picture, this strategy will train you to handle the harder grunt waves starting at wave 9.

Herding technique- (Novice skill)

  1. Move to the upper left but don’t go completely to the border
  2. While moving, fire up and to the diagonal left rapidly  (flutter firing)
  3. Pause in the upper left area of the play field to help draw the grunts to you, and away from your escape route at the edge of the borders.
  4. This opens up a channel where you can circle to the left in the open area. (red ovals on diagram)
  5. Now continue to circle the playfield, which herds the grunts into a tight pack
  6. Pick up all humans before killing off the last grunt.

Even after this seems easy, continue the technique so that you will be able to use it intuitively on a subconscious level when the grunt waves get extremely overwhelming later in the game.

Herding without firing – (Advanced skill)

  1. On wave 1, try to collect all humans using the circling technique without firing a shot.
  2. Move to the upper middle area at the start of the wave
  3. Wait for grunts to gravitate toward you.
  4. Circle the outer edge of the screen, counterclockwise
  5. Gather up the Mikey’s
  6. As the wave progresses, the grunts will move faster and faster until they are in a tight group.
  7. Eventually  you will not be able to outrun them so take your shots and finish them off.
  8. Wave 1 Grunt herding- Click video HERE

Be the Mob- (Master skill)

  1. You may observer master players, perform an advanced herding technique which causes a super-compression of the grunt mob off-center of the arena.
  2. At the start of the wave, pick an angle of escape up or down moving in an angle toward one of the edges.
  3. Upon nearing the horizontal wall, cut back parallel along the wall in the opposite direction you were moving.
  4. For example, visualize moving in the shape of a number” 7″ if you were starting the wave by moving to the NE.
  5. This causes the grunt mob to bunch up to one side of the maze, and when you cut back horizontally you will have a bit more breathing space

Close Encounters- (Master skill)

  1. Grunts are very fast when moving at angles, but they are never faster than the player when moving in a horizontal or vertical plane.
  2. At end of wave, If you need extra time to kill a fast grunt, try running in a straight horizontal or vertical path while shooting backwards toward the grunt.
  3. In middle of wave, you can get very close to a pack of grunts if you maintain shooting in a direct angle at them. Handy if you need to squeeze out of a tight spot between a pack of angry grunts and a herd of hulks.

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