Plateaus of Progress

Your Robotron progress may reach plateau’s at these stages.  The solution is to take breaks from playing for a day or two then keep practicing using the skills presented on this site.

  • Wave 1-4 –  Gaining basic familiarity with the joysticks
  • Wave 5 – The strategies to deal with Brains
  • Wave 7 – How to deal with Tank projectiles
  • Wave 9-10 – Getting out of the Grunt mob and a fast Brain stage
  • Wave 12-17 – Mastering the strategies for Tanks
  • Wave 22-28 – Dealing with fast gameplay of mixed enemies
  • Wave 32-50 – Learning the pace of the repeated waves and finding your own comfortable style of play
  • Wave 100 – Perfecting your game strategy to keep from bleeding off your extra men
  • Wave 200 – Stamina and staying focused for extended periods
  • After wave 200 you’ll be ready to roll the waves at 255 then roll the score at 9,999,975 around wave 350.

Statistics – assuming an average of 26k-32k per wave

  • Approximately wave 40 will be 1 million points – Click video HERE
  • Wave 100 around 2.75 million – Click video HERE
  • Wave 255 around 7 million – Click video HERE
  • Wave 350ish around 10 million – Click video HERE
  • Taking around 1 hr per 4 million points

Remember- Some master players have been playing this game for 30 years, since 1982.

  • You won’t learn this game in a week or even a month.
  • It is a game that may take you years to find success, so pace yourself and have fun.  When it’s not feeling fun, go outside and experience the real world…
  • At some point you will become frustrated and believe that your reflexes are inadequate.  Don’t believe your instincts.  When you have maxed out your reflexes (defense), you simply need to figure out a better strategy for dealing with the wave (offense).  Watch the World Record videos and observe that the masterful technique being used allows the player to move at a comfortable pace.  Inspiration can be found on the Philosophy page
  • Keep your Spirit strong- Robotron is the ultimate game of redemption.  You’ll be ontop, then get beat down, and if you have heart you’ll get back up and triumph.  “Robotron won’t break my spirit today.”  Humans love a comeback story.  Hulk Hogan used it in the WWF ring, the Rocky sequels used it, Ali’s boxing career, Ultimate fighting champs Randy C and Iceman Chuck L, computer giant Apple’s iphone is an example.  The list is long of warriors who came back from the bottom to achieve greatness.  Dare i call it the Charlie Sheen factor?….winning!

Overcoming Plateaus – using “Reflex Confusion”

  • Spend a day or two practicing in these parameters:
  • Set starting men at 20 and difficulty at 0. This will build confidence and let you push to waves beyond your skill level.
  • Set difficulty at 10. This will push your twitch reflex skills to new boundaries
  • Set starting men to 5 with no free men on difficulty setting 5.  This will force your precision at the early waves.
  • Set starting men at 20 and difficulty at 10.  How far can you get?
  • Then go back to the usual format of starting with 3 men on difficulty 5.  Surprise, your skills are much better now!

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