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Dane Tullock, the people’s champion of Robotron, orchestrated a showcase of Classic Gaming Excellence through a live competition in early January 2014….

January 2014 Update-  Come out and support Master Robotron players- Dane TullockKen House, and Jacob Golson (Son of Ms. Pac-Man developer, Steve Golson) at the 2014 Magfest, January 2-5, 2014!   More about the Robotron 100 million Gauntlet Challenge .   With special thanks to the Jace Hall team- the event will be streamed live starting Friday morning.

The competition was streamed live over a major TwitchTV channel-

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Beginning at 7:00 AM PST/10:00 AM EST this Friday, January 3rd, an unprecedented gaming event kicks off at the music and gaming festival MAGFest.  Some of the world’s best players of the 1982 arcade masterpiece, Robotron 2084 will attempt to survive a grueling 24 hour onslaught of Man verses Machine in a Gauntlet race to 100 million points. The potential record-setting event will be streamed exclusively right here on

Vying for the lead position in the Robotron 100 Million Gauntlet Challenge will be players from the Robotron 2084 Guidebook and Williams Players Unite communities, including master Robotron players Dane Tullock, Ken House and Jacob Golson. Making this challenge unique, is that they will all attempt to survive the enemy dynamics of the beloved classic on one single credit. (yes, please bring your own quarter!) The top score achieved in the challenge thus far is 50 million by Oregon’s Ken House, so finding success in this challenge will more than double the efforts of any documented attempts in recent history.

The 100 Million Gauntlet Challenge sets out to prove that competition on 30 year old Classic Arcade Gaming titles like Robotron is still healthy, exciting, challenging, fun, and has a promising future.  In so doing, the rule-set is clearly defined and documented, requiring the player to not use any form of game-play assistance when taking short breaks, nor is the player allowed to add scores from restarted games to their total score.  If the machine resets for any reason, score one for machine over man!  Historically, in the early 1980s Walter Day’s International scoreboard allowed cumulative scoring, which let the player string together scores from multiple restarted games.  Heading into 2014, Walter still maintains an active role as the “Patron Saint of Video Games” and encourages global participation in the joyous sport of competitive video gaming.  Best of luck to our competitors, as they embark on a quest to overcome the mental and physical challenges to save the Human Race from the Robotrons of 2084!


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