Vid Kidz 35th Anniversary Gauntlet Challenge

2017’s 35th Anniversary Challenge

Alright, you maniac Robotron Fanatics!  June 1st, 2017.  Do you know what that date signifies?  Yep, the 35th anniversary of the production date for Robotron: 2084.  Indeed, the summer of 1982 was a mind-blowing time!


To celebrate this coveted anniversary, the Vid Kidz themselves are endorsing a rip-roarin’ difficult contest:

  1. The Vid Kidz 100 Million Point Gauntlet Challenge!

Because the challenge is so difficult, the Vid Kidz are going to give you some help by making it as easy as possible.  Yet, there still is no guarantee that you have the skills or tenacity to successfully complete the challenge!



  1. Fastest Time: From 0 to 100,000,000 points
  2. 1-Credit Gameplay: Any game which resets or ends, requires the player to start back at 0 points.
  3. Difficulty: 0 (Unless you want to try a higher setting)
  4. Life Bonus: 20K (Unless you want to try a higher setting)
  5. Lives to Start: 20 (Unless you want to try less)
  6. Any hardware platform running real romsets (1982 Yellow, 1982-1987 Blue, 2014 Tie Die) Examples would be real Williams hardware, MAME, Raspberry PI, JROK, 19-1 pcb, Xbox 360.
  7. Any controller configuration is acceptable, including keyboard keys.
  8. Whole game play session must be recorded and posted for public viewing (example, YouTube)


Gary Whittingham from WilliamsPlayersUnite will be our official scorekeeper, so submit your video links to  To entertain the community it would be preferred if you streamed your gameplay live, so the whole world, and I mean the whole world, can participate in cheering you on to victory.


The challenge is active from now until New Year’s eve 2017 Central Time based out of Chicago, IL, USA.  The birthplace of Robotron!


This is an honor system challenge to celebrate one of the most difficult 8-bit arcade games ever created.

  • We will have some of the most extreme master’s of Robotron in the world helping to validate the performances.  Let’s keep it honest and fun, folks!


These specific items will earn immediate disqualification:

  1. Pausing game play
  2. Trapping a brain on the right side of screen to take a break
  3. Multiple players running the controls
  4. And anything else you psychos can dream up. The X-Masters will be watching…



The person with the fastest time to 100 million points by NYE 2017, will earn a special 35th Anniversary Championship belt, a real Title belt.

  • There is only one 35th anniversary for Robotron, there will only be one 35th anniversary prize, and there will only be one winner of this awesome championship belt. Will it be you?

The Robotrons always win, and the Vid Kidz enjoy it, as well.  As such, Larry DeMar will hold onto the belt at VidKidz HQ until the deadline for the challenge.   They’ll proudly display the belt in the VidKidz secret lair.  With the security that indeed they created the most difficult games to come out of the arcades!


If someone, anyone, even one person does complete the challenge and ends up with the fastest time, they will receive the belt, along with an autographed 35th Anniversary T-shirt (Designed by the elite UK sports artist, Dan Tearle).

  • The Vid Kidz (Eugene Jarvis and Larry DeMar) will also take a photo holding your championship belt from the famed Vid Kidz lair (ok, so it might really be Raw Thrills…we aren’t telling).

Who’s gonna step into the arena with some of the nastiest Robots around, and prove to the Vid Kidz that they have the heart to survive to 100 million points!



There have only been two modern day heroes who have completed the 100 million challenge prior to the 35th Birthday competition.  To learn more about the history of the Gauntlet, visit-

  • A 100 Wave Tutorial using the 35th Anniversary Settings-> YouTube
  • A cheap and effective Joystick option-> HERE
  • Getting started by using MAME and Tie-Die romset-> HERE



So far, the following brave contenders have dared to step into the arena to save the last human family from the mighty Robotrons:

  • 12/29/16 – Johnny Gallegos scores 71,655,425 points, playing over 18 hours before succumbing to wrist fatigue-> YouTube
  • 1/8/17 – Dane Tullock scores a respectable 21 million points before losing his zen
  • 5/28/17 – Johnny Gallegos scores 54,759,275 points before once again having to stop due to wrist troubles
  • 5/28/17 – Paul Spriggs scores 73.5 million points in 16 hours before the game unexpectedly reset and ended his game
  • 6/1/17 – David Gomez completed 100 million using the original 1982 Yellow romset to honor the June 1st birthday.
  • 7/4/17 – Sean MacKenzie completed the 100 million challenge using the Tie-Die romset.

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