Eugene Jarvis Explains the Brain Enemy

Brain Robotrons are in some ways pathetically helpless due to their large target area created by excessive brain mass, and slow speed.  However,  due to their ability to shoot cruise missiles, and create progs from humans, they can really spoil your day.  Cruise missiles are especially hazardous to the player, as their motion is unpredictable and are difficult to shoot due to a very small cross section to hit.  Brains are programmed to search out the closest human to program into a Prog, a weaponized human which seeks to destroy the player.  The “Mikey Bug” causes all brains to seek out the same single human victim to program at the start of each brain wave.  On wave 5 this human is MIkey.  The Mikey bug occurs only if no humans were left behind on the prior wave.  If Mikey is protected and remains alive, no other humans will be programmed by the brains.  This creates an amazing scoring opportunity.  On other brain waves, the player needs to  observe brain movememt to determine which human is targeted by all the brains, and attempt to keep him alive, and not save him.  If the targeted human dies, turns into a prog,  or is rescued by the player, then each brain will  immediately seek out the closest human to turn into a prog.

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