Eugene Jarvis Explains Electrodes

Electrodes – The most basic enemy, a passive but deadly mine.  Can easily be shot by the player, yet it can still provoke maximum frustration when the player is overloaded.  When shot, an electrode turns white and disappears.  This can be confusing in levels with the flashing 2084 electrodes as it is not clear immediately if they have been shot.  Be sure you have shot a 2084 electrode before you walk into it!  The other element in electrode strategy is when not to shoot them.  Often there are a massive quantity of targets that the player needs to kill, and it is disadvantageous to waste shots on electrodes which are actually providing a shield to the player by killing grunts that approach them.  So these mines that threaten the player, can also be an asset by creating a mine field that the Robotron grunts must penetrate with heavy casualties.

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