Eugene Jarvis Explains Enforcers

The most common of the truly dangerous enemies, enforcers are hovering Robotrons that hurl nasty spark shots at the player.  Their motion is more complex and fluid than the grunts or hulks  Enforcers seek the player with a random offset, and a randomized velocity that is inversely proportional to the distance to the player.  They frequently update  their velocity so they move in a smooth but sometimes erratic fashion.  Due to discontinuities in their randomized seeking velocity they can on occasion move away from the player.

Enforcers shoot spark projectiles toward the player.  The sparks are shot with a velocity that is directly proportional to the distance to the player, so the further the enforcer is from the player the faster the spark ball.  Spark balls are shot toward the player with a random spread about the players coordinate, and a certain percentage of sparks are shot where the player is predicted to be when the spark hits, not where the player currently is.   This is accomplished by adding the current player’s velocity to the spark’s velocity upon firing.  Additionally, a random acceleration is computed upon firing, and then is added to the sparks velocity each video frame.  This results in the infamous and deadly “curve balls”   When a spark hits the edge of the screen, it suppresses the velocity in that dimension, and then slides down the screen toward a corner.  This “funneling” effect makes corners very deadly for players because sparks are constantly funneled by the walls toward the helpless player.   Due to a bug in their sleep timer, enforcers will sometimes drift into a corner a stay there for a number of seconds.  This can be quite deadly to the player, as the selected corner may be quite far from the player, resulting in numerous “fast ball” sparks hurled in the players direction.  If multiple enforcers choose multiple corners, an extremely  dangerous crossfire can be created.  It is important to kill corner enforcers before this can occur.

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