Eugene Jarvis Explains Grunts

Grunts – The least intelligent enemy, grunts merely seek the shortest path to the player, using their 8 directions of travel.  So not only is their motion fairly slow, but their direction is very predictable. Grunts accelerate their speed as a wave progresses, culminating in a frenzied charge at full velocity late in the wave.    While it is easy to dispatch a small quantity of grunts, a massive charge by a large horde can be quite challenging.  The so called “Grunt Waves” which are all wave numbers ending in a 9 are the true test of a players grunt game.  The technique to use here is the “Power Drive”.  Move and shoot in the same direction clearing a path through the grunts to get to the outer edge of the pack.  If you move to the edge of the screen too quickly, your way will be blocked by grunts, and you will likely die as they converge on you.  You must linger in the center long enough for the grunt mass to compress as they seek you, clearing out the outer edge of the screen.  Another nasty but rare problem is the “phantom grunt”.  Due to graphics system overload, grunts are not refreshed as often as other enemies.  On rare occasions all the pixels of a grunt can be erased by bullets and shrapnel and other characters.  If you are too close to such a phantom grunt, it can re-appear upon graphics refresh and instantly jump you.

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