Eugene Jarvis Explains Hulks

Hulks are the most frustrating of the Robotrons, as they are so massively armored they cannot be killed.  However their CPU is so small that incredibly stupid and arbitrary in their motion.  They seek a random offset from the player, but with a low propensity and high randomization.  So their motion is almost unpredictable, they go where they want to.  But due to their seeking behavior they are always in the way, acting as moving walls and bullet shields for other enemies.  Hulks kill the player on contact, and also have a bad habit of crushing members of the last human family.  Waves that end in 7 are Hulk waves.  It is important to quickly find a clear route through the converging Hulks to avoid an untimely demise.  The player can sometimes use his blaster to push a Hulk a little to make an escape route, or save a human from a crushing death.

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