Eugene Jarvis Explains the Tank Enemy

Tanks were the last enemy added to Robotron, as Larry (De Mar) and I felt the need to add “just one more enemy” to the mix  as the final insult to the player.  Tanks are exceedingly deadly because their shots are different algorithmically from other enemies.    About half the tank shots are direct shots, while half the shots are programmed to hit the player after a rebound off the outer wall.  Since players are accustomed to Enforcer Spark shots which slide down the wall and don’t bounce, the reflecting bounce tank shots present a new and challenging phenomenon.   A player, overloaded mentally by the total chaos, will seek refuge in a corner, but this is a deathtrap and should be avoided.  The presence of numerous hulks in tank waves provides moving defensive barriers for the tanks,  Do not waste time letting the hulks soak up your shots.  Target tanks that are not shielded by hulks.

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