Ken House presents – The Definitive Guide to Robotron High Scores


Ken House is one of the Guidebook’s resident U.S. Extreme Masters of Robotron 2084, and he is kindly providing a resource for all fans to share in the joys of Robotron competition.

  • Walter Day has long stated that Robotron (and Defender) were THE most competitive games of the early 80’s arcade.
  • So come along with Ken, and join in the battle!
  • You need not be great, you need not be the best, you just need to have the passionate spirit of competition……and with a little luck you too may one day defeat the Robotrons of 2084!
  • Disclaimer- This competition is in the spirit of fun, friendship, comradery, and collaborative helping of each other’s skill growth.  You must be willing to share your gameplay with the Robo-community.  Long live the fun of the arcade!
  • Enduro is the new marathon!  Pinball’s King of Flow renamed Robotron marathons to Enduros in January 2014, as part of a MAGfest Gauntlet event
  • Steve Ritchie, Jan 2014- The words come from the heart, and everything I have written here is true!  The Robotron “Tournament”, (in the world of off-road motorcycle racing we would call it an “Enduro”.  It sounds cool, and you might want to use this term for endurance competitions in the future), is amazing and absolute proof that Robotron has stood the test of time as a brilliant game that is not easy to master.  I am currently playing Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, and Farcry 3 on my super-fast and powerful ASUS gaming computer in my spare time.  While these games are beautiful and amazing, there are few moments of intensity and physicality.  Modern games don’t hold a candle to the player engagement of Robotron.

Enduro (ie Marathon), difficulty 5 or greater, 3man start, 25k bonus, any romset including patched blue roms

This is the classic contest of endurance. Can your mind and body outlast the game, how long can you survive the battle?

  • Ongoing challenge- 100 Million Gauntlet Challenge
  • Scoreboard option- WilliamsPlayersUnite , Aurcade, Scoreground,
  • David Gomez 2015, 150 million
  • Ken House 2014, 100 million
  • Dane Tullock 2015, 54 million
  • Gregg Hansen 2015, 51 million
  • Mike Kasper 2013, 44 million
  • Jeff Harrist 2012, 33 million, TwitchTV
  • Johnny Gallegos 2015, 21 million
  • Paul Spriggs 2012, 16 million (Extreme/diff 10) Youtube
  • Jacob Golson 2014, 11 million
  • Darrin Cormier 2012, 10 million (Extreme/diff 10) Youtube
  • Good score is 10 million or greater

VK40-5, VidKidz 40-wave challenge, difficulty 5/3man start/25k bonus, best score at end of wave 40

A great test of your mastery, and enjoyable to the advanced player capable of reaching wave 40.  Highly recommended challenge!

Best 1st Man, diff5 or greater/1man start/0 bonus (first man can be pulled from other gameplay)

Mastery, precision, luck and a bit of risk, quite a potent concoction.  Even the most basic of players can have fun with this one.  2 words- Mikey Trick!

  • Scoreboard options- CAGDC (origination of track), WilliamsPlayersUniteWPU (diff10) ,  VGS, Scoreground
  • Williams Challenge
  • John McAllister 2013, 270,425 (Extreme/diff 10)
  • Matt Hall 2013, 235,800 (Extreme/diff 10)
  • Jeff Harrist 2013, 240k (Extreme/diff 10)
  • Domenic Zito 2013, 211,450
  • Dane Tullock 2013, 208,175
  • Don Hayes 2013, 181,625
  • Dane Tullock 95,750 (Extreme/diff 10) Youtube

5-man Tournament, difficulty 5/5man start/ 0 bonus

A test of precision and mastery, less risk and more reward leads to great outcomes!

Fastest to 1 Million, diff5/3man start/25k bonus, timed from start button being hit to 1 million points

A challenge for the advanced player, all risk!  Picture Pete Rose sliding into Homeplate face first like a charging Rhino!

  • No Score submissions, yet.  VGS will be promoting this track.

VKE: VidKidz Extreme, diff 10/3man start/50k bonus, play until game-over

One of the toughest challenges, only enjoyable to the extreme master player

  • Scoreboard Option – WilliamsPlayersUnite, VGS, Scoreground
  • David Gomez June 2014, 1,430,425 Youtube
  • Rick Gehlert Jan. 2015, 1,175,750 Youtube
  • Darrin Cormier Oct. 2014, 1,172,425
  • John McAllister 2013, 999,950
  • Matt Hall 2013, 749,000
  • Dane Tullock 2013, 596,850
  • Ken House 2013, 521, 450,  TwitchTV
  • Paul Spriggs, 492, 175, Youtube
  • Good score is 350k or above

1 Hour Timing, diff5/3man start/25k bonus, play exactly 1 hour

A mix of mastery and marathon.  Great challenge for the advanced player who doesn’t care to play hours on end!

  • Scoreboard option- CAGDC (origination of track), WPU , VGS, CAGDC 2009, CAGDC 2013
  • Eric Ahlers, 2009 – 4, 279, 075
  • Jeff Harrist, 2013 – 4,222,225
  • Good score is 3,800,000 or greater

VK40-10, VidKidz 40-wave challenge, difficulty 10/3man start/25k bonus, best score at end of wave 40

Same as VK40-5, except much faster and the Hulks will busy themselves eating your bonus points!  An Extreme Masters challenge.

VK40-E, VidKidz 40-wave challenge, difficulty 10/3man start/50k bonus, best score at end of wave 40

If you can even qualify for this challenge, you win a free Habanero Taco dinner!

  • WPU ,  VGS
  • David Gomez, June 2014, 1,246,675  Youtube
  • Rick Gehlert, Jan. 2015, 1,107,025 Youtube
  • The “ghost pepper” of Robotron challenges?!?!

The CAX Extreme challenge, 3man start/diff 10/0 bonus

A challenge for the Extreme Masters in training.  A new SoCal tradition started by the WDPU‘s own Paul Dean.

  • No scoreboard listing, yet.  See Paul Dean for more info
  • 2013 Contest Results
  • Paul Corbett 2013, 295,650
  • Jonathan Koolpe 2013, 194,550
  • Ken House 2013, 179,125
  • Eric Liddell 2013, 152,025


Any other new and exciting challenges we may be overlooking????……

  • Email for comments or suggestions
  • To be included in the WilliamsPlayersUnite (WPU) scoreboard, email
  • NOTE- Any romset or gameplatform running ROMs is fine for WPU, minimal requirement is a screenshot of score.  Recommended is video clip and joining the Robo-community to share your enthusiasm for the sport.

An old inhouse Arcade scoreboard image from FLICKR



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