Update, April 14, 2015-  All wolfMAME versions are acceptable for submission at Twin Galaxies

History: Competition on Robotron:2084 has been alive and well at Twin Galaxies since the summer of 1982.  Unfortunately, nowadays most people around the world have no access to a real arcade machine.  Alas, you are not forgotten!  With the resurrection of the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard (TGIS) in January, 2015 you can easily share your gaming accomplishments with other TG Robo players using MAME from a Windows PC…world-wide, baby, world-wide!

The Fine Print: Below are the exact steps to get you started playing and recording Robo sessions that can be uploaded to the Twin Galaxies Submission Adjudication Process (TGSAP) oooh, see what they did there, they got SAP in the acronym… The only caveat is that you have to play using wolfMAME to help reduce generalized “cheating” and normalize the playfield amongst many different players, plus you’ll be using the original 1982 blue romset with the enforcer explosion bug that can end your game in an unexpected instant….try to avoid shooting enforcers at an angle when they are on vertical walls…still no guarantee, though. You are right, the Robotrons always win and who said they don’t bend the rules to do so!

SOOOO you are saying, Hey, I don’t care about submitting records I just wanna play some Robo and have fun.

  • You are in luck, click HERE, download the compiled MAME version you desire and get ready for the action!
  • OK, maybe you do want to compete with the community but you are not ready to post at a big place like TG… you are in luck again, the Robo community has an informal/trust-based scoreboard at WilliamsPlayersUnite.  And when you are ready the same scores can be shared at TG at a later time.  Just enjoy Robo however you like, knuckle-sweatin’ frantic even!

What’s that? You heard the Robo-Marathon scores at TG aren’t legit…

  • quite to the contrary, the MAME scores are VERY legit and you’ll find the master Chris Calzetoni is currently sitting at the top of the mountain with a whopping 17 million score (The author has the original WR INP which is over 100M in size, too large to upload here).

First Time Setup of MAME

  • Get the 7-Zip extraction utility installed on your PC- HERE
  • Create a folder on your windows computer (ie, right click on the desktop>New>Folder>give it a name like MAME)
  • Get a MAME version at
  • Create a \mame\roms directory and place this robotron romset into the \roms directory

First Time Mapping of Controls for MAME

  • Start MAME by double clicking the mame.exe found in the windows folder
  • Navigate to Configure General Inputs
  • Navigate to Player 1 Controls and set the key mappings to match your controller
  • Navigate to Other Controls and set the key mappings for the start and coin buttons on your controller
  • Navigate to Return to Previous Menu, then Exit
  • OPTIONAL – create or modify a custom controller config file and place in a \mame\ctrlr directory – examples are packaged with the official MAME binary

How to Start a Game While Recording

  • Click Start > Run/Search > type CMD
  • Navigate to the mame folder you created earlier (ie. cd\mame )
  • Type record gamename filename (ie. record robotron TGrobotron) which runs the robotron romset and saves the inp as TGrobotron.inp in the \mame\inp folder)
  • NOTE- Alter the INP filename accordingly to avoid over-writing prior game recordings

Best Practices for a Quality Recording

  • Once the Factory Settings Restored screen displays, repeatedly press F2 to get to the settings screen.
  • Adjust the settings so lives start at 3, extra life bonus is 25k, and difficulty is 5 (blue romset defaults to difficulty 3 so this HAS to be changed for TG acceptance standards)
  • Don’t use the freeplay settings for the coinage- yes, this is purely a TG arbitrary decision for acceptance standards
  • Press F2 to exit back to game.
  • Recommended- After the gameplay session ends, hit F2 and show the difficulty settings again, to further prove the settings used.  Hit Escape key to exit out of the game session.

How to Find the Recorded Session (INP file)

  • Navigate to the mame\inp\ folder and locate the desired .inp file
  • This file can be dragged/dropped onto the text window of your Twin Galaxies Score Submission window.

How to Playback the Recorded Session (INP file)

  • For best results, use the same MAME version that was used to create the INP file and confirm Robotron plays properly from this version- make sure you have the correct robotron ROM file in the \roms directory
  • Start a Robotron game by typing mame robotron, hit F2 when prompted about factory reset. If this doesn’t work, then the playback won’t work, either.  🙂
  • Type playback robotron robotronTG from the Command (CMD) prompt
  • Depending on mame version it may require- mame robotron -playback robotron.inp ” for playback (info via Kernzy)

How Do I Share My Gameplay With Twin Galaxies?

  • Register and get verified at
  • Click on World Rankings
  • Search for the Robotron MAME score track- Robotron [Solid Blue label] [Points [Marathon Settings]]
  • Click View then click Show to see the score list
  • When you are ready, click the Submit button and fill out the form
  • The INP file can be dragged onto the text window where it will upload automatically
  • Don’t use commas in the score field, (ie. 1,200,000 would be typed as 1200000)
  • Keep the details short and descriptive, as there is limited space that will get stored in the text field.
  • Wait for your Submission to be Reviewed by peers, and remember you can also vote Accept!


Examples of Prior Twin Galaxies Robotron Marathon Recordings using WolfMAME

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