Eugene Jarvis’ enthusiasm is infectious-

The story of Williams Defender (from Digital Eclipse Williams Arcade Greatest Hits)

The story of Robotron (from Digital Eclipse Williams Arcade Greatest Hits)

Walter Day from the original Twin Galaxies-

World record gameplay for 5 man tournament settings-

  • Playing robotron with only 5 men and no free men.
  • wolfMAME 106- Click video HERE
  • Real machine-  Click video HERE

World record gameplay- MAME Marathon (17 million)

  • wolfMAME106 INP file is zipped HERE  (courtesy of Calz on KLOV)
  • To watch this playback you must install wolfMAME106 and the blue Robotron Romset
  • Download the INP file to your computer
  • Open Mame and go to File>Playback Input, then browse to the saved INP file
  • Hit enter to start the playback, P for pause

26.5million marathon-

A New In Box Robotron Cabaret, purchased from a warehouse- click HERE

Joystik Magazine October 1983 Volume 2 Special Edition – Robotron overview

Video Game Magazine issues in PDF format- LINK

Wave Walkthroughs-

  • Wave 1 Firing practice -Click video HERE
  • Wave 1 Grunt herding- Click video HERE
  • Wave 2 Enforcer practice- Click video HERE
  • Wave 1 to 5, general gameplay- Click video HERE
  • Wave 1 to 4, Grunt cross firing- Click video HERE
  • Wave 5 Brain practice- Click video HERE
  • Wave 7 Tank practice- Click video HERE
  • Wave 9 Grunt mob practice- Click video HERE
  • Wave 30 to 40- Click video HERE
  • Wave 100- Click video HERE
  • Wave 200- Click video HERE
  • Wave 255- Click video HERE
  • Rolling score at 10 million- Click video HERE

30th Birthday of Robotron-

“Church of Robotron”-

  • Art installment using Robotron theme and Jarvis interview quotes.
  • Bizarre and entertaining for the true Robotron enthusiast.


Fascinating look inside a video game factory


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