Tanks!  Just when you think it can’t get any harder…..

So you thought you were playing a video game- little did you know that you’d have to know something about billiards-

Tanks are unlike Enforcers or Brains and a formidable opponent.

  • They are always thinking ahead with great precision.
  • They will send out bouncing shots (bouncy balls) of varying speed and trajectory in an attempt to “box” you in so they will be sure to hit you regardless of what direction you run.

In this made up example,  the tank is calculating your position and general direction.

  • It sends out a slow shot off to your right.
  • A little faster shot underneath you.
  • Then a really fast double bank shot “around the loop”

In the heat of battle, it is likely you will be stopped in your tracks by this attack.

  • Especially the double bank shot.  Your instincts would say that you dodged the shot as it went by at first and relax… but you aren’t thinking ahead to the double bank shot and will get caught in the backside.
  • Controversy- you will find references online that state the farther you are from the tank, the faster the shot. Although that may be true in instances, the calculation doesn’t appear to be so much your proximity to the tank, as it is the geometry/velocity of the shot that can be fired to hit you.

Your defense is two-fold-

  1. Don’t get in the situation in the first place by killing off as many spheroids that spawn tanks as possible. Which is often not realistic.
  2. Pretend you are skeet shooting clay pigeons with a shotgun,  lead the tank shots that are coming around the horn and pick them off via circular firing.  Shoot it out of the air, before it can nail you in the back at a wicked velocity.  (What in the world just hit me?!?!?!…..)

Geometry – (Novice skill)

Thinking back to basic geometry and the game of pool-

  • The red areas are hotspots where it is likely to see a bouncing shot pass.
  • The blue areas are where you have the greatest chance for survival.

The middle area is the best place to start a wave, unless you get pushed out by Hulks.

  • The corners are an easy place to die, bank shots bounce around the corner so fast you can’t react and shoot.  Plus the tanks have time to zero in on your location and you have limited directions out.

When pushed out of the middle, try to get to the areas noted by the blue circles.

  • You want to be off the wall slightly so shots will bounce off the wall and miss you by a hair
  • From these locations flutter fire as fast as you can to ward off incoming shots and take out tanks.
  • Watch for looping double bank shots that will catch you at odd angles.

You may not believe it now, but after many hours of play you will handle the tank stage on an intuitive level and make “twitch reflex” shots to take out careening double bank shot attacks toward you.

  • Watch the World Record videos again and take note of the strategy used on waves 7, 12, 17, 22.

Teaching yourself a counter-intuitive skill – (Novice skill)

  •  When a tank shoots a bank shot your instinct will be to try running away from the shot.
  • BUT your best line of defense is to move toward the shot
  • This affords you the most chance of survival since you are going toward where the ball has already been.
  • Since it is hard to judge the exact angle a fast ball will bounce off the wall, if you move in the same direction as the shot there is a higher chance of remaining in the line of fire.

Don’t stick against the walls too long- (Advanced skill)

  • Being on the defense you will find yourself backed against the wall
  • Don’t stay against a wall too long because the shots will bounce at angles to hit you.
  • No matter what direction a tank shot moves it is a fact that it will eventually bounce off a wall….so don’t be against the wall.
  • When under intense attack, If you remember to keep moving slightly off the wall, you will find that shots often will slip just around you.

Skeet shooting – (Master skill)

  • If you can identify a shot that is going to be a fast bank shot toward your backside
  • You have several opportunities to take out the shot before it hits you.
  • Try to “lead” the tank shot and intercept it before it has the chance to take you out.
  • You may have to move the player in slight directions to make the range of your firing more effective.
  • The success of this technique all depends on the velocity of the tank bullet.  Even with your best attempt, some shots will be too fast for you to track and eradicate.

Playing Dodge ball – (Master skill)

  1. Set the number of lives to 20, and play up to wave 7.
  2. Kill off all tanks until just 1 is left.
  3. Practice playing dodge ball with the tank.
  4. Do NOT fire at the shots
  5. You will discover that after 20 shots the tank is out of ammunition.  About as harmless as the Abominable Snow monster after having his teeth removed…..
  6. When you are successful with 1 tank, try 2, 3, 4, up to 5.
  7. When you can survive dodge ball with 5 tanks, you are ready for anything….well at least up to wave 17…..
  8. Wave 7 Tank practice- Click video HERE

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