Walkthrough- Wave 10 and above- Brains

This will be your first real lesson in the Risk vs Reward mentality where you will not have an exactly correct answer.  Your survival will come down to instinct and good technique.  Click HERE for video of Wave 30.

  • As the play field formulates, make your choices quickly.  You’ll get a second or two before the chaos unfolds.
  • Notice the direction the Spheroid is moving in the top right. Just try to stay out of it’s way at the start of the wave.
  • Notice that the brains are in 3 general groups.  Now which one to deal with first?
  • In general, I’d personally go with the grouping that has the most humans nearby to try to salvage some precious bonus points toward a new life.

Brain stages are about trying to make the best of a bad situation.  Even a master player may lose 1 or 2 men per stage.  That’s just how it goes.  Starting out you may lose 5 or more.  But keep trying and reflect on your mistakes. Growth will come with time and effort.

  1. Try to remove all humans before the end of the previous wave, this will cause the brains to focus on just one human on the playfield and buy some precious seconds of time at the start of the wave
  2. Take a small loop to kill off the grunts in the center of the stage, maybe grab a Mikey or two
  3. Then head for the lower left to kill off the groups of brains and grab some Mikey’s as you plan the next group of brains to assault

In a matter of seconds the game turned from a good plan into utter chaos with the player on the defense.  Now you must deal with Risk, not reward.

  1. Shoot in horizontal and vertical streams to neutralize incoming lightning bolts.  The Progs will move to edge of the screen then toward you, which can be stopped by the horizontal stream of shots.
  2. Once the incoming attack is stopped (assuming you survived….I didn’t….) pick up a few Mikey’s and fire straight up into the nearest group of brains
  3. Repeat the defense of firing streams on the horizontal and vertical to neutralize the attack. Then try to take a moment of offense to grab more mikey’s and kill off the enemy

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