Walkthrough- Wave 22 and 28- Tanks Galore

Wave 22 is when the game takes you to the next level of complexity. Tanks are mixed in with Enforcers.

  • The best strategy is the basic Tank strategy.  Stay in the middle zone and fire in all directions to remove the flurry of Spheroids and Quarks before they generate Enforcers and Tanks.
  • You will need to fight the Tanks while avoiding touching the edges of the playfield where the shots from the Enforcers will finish you.

Wave 28 – Throw in some Tanks for good measure

  • Starting on this wave you will find a couple Quarks are thrown into each screen thereafter.  They tend to not generate Tanks until later in the wave so aren’t an immediate threat.
  • But at this level of the game, the Quarks and Spheroids will zoom through the middle of the screen trying to get you at the start of a wave.  Using a circular movement of the player at the start of a wave will give you a slight edge for offsetting the quick attack.
  • From this wave on, whenever grunts are mixed in on the screen- at start of wave, use a small circular movement to clear out the nearest grunts and avoid the zooming Spheroids/Quarks.
  • Then go into the circling herding technique through the middle phase of the wave.  Be alert for a chance to take a stray shot to kill off any Tanks.

Grunt Cross Firing-  (Master skill)

  • Grunts jump faster when running on diagonals, so especially at the start of a wave the player has better accuracy at hitting them when firing horizontally or vertically
  • Some players prefer to find a section of the screen where they can shoot across the screen horizontally and vertically to remove groups of enemies, at the early part of a wave.
  • The minimal movement of the player allows protection of the immediate play zone to quickly eradicate grunts, which frees up the player to gather humans and deal with enforcers and tanks.
  • Obviously, not an effective strategy later in the wave, when many Enforcers or Tanks are on the screen which will zero in on your location with projectiles.
  • Watch the technique used on wave 1 to 4 (difficulty 10)- Click video HERE

Controlling Quarks and Spheroids with directed shooting (Advanced skill)

  • Spheroids and Quarks have the ability to “Kamikaze” on the player, they are fully aware of the players shots on the horizontal or vertical, but they are not aware of the players diagonal shots.
  • Using this knowledge the player can turn the defense into offense! and it is the offense where the master players find success!!!!
  • Spheroids and Quarks can NOT see diagonal shots so you can often shoot them unaware by focusing on diagonal shooting.
  • The only time it is easy to hit a Q or S with horizontal and vertical shooting is when they are “stuck” on the edge of the screen.
  • If you are about to be hit by a kamikaze, you can use horizontal and vertical shooting ahead of its trajectory to help slow it down or redirect its path. Very useful in a pinch!

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