Walkthrough- Wave 3 – The Basic Enemies

By now, you think Wave 1 is simple.  Wave 2 was tolerable.  Well get ready for Wave 3 to knock you down a notch or two.  Robotron gets hard and it gets hard fast. No rest for the wicked……

Step 1-

  1. Break the wave down into stages of attack
  2. Identify which grunts are in your close proximity and start flutter firing
  3. Head only toward the humans that are in your close circle.
  4. Remain flutter firing and moving in a small circle.
  5. Avoid the temptation to gather more humans on the edges.
  6. Risk vs. Reward ends in failure- until you are a better player.
  7. Remember that you are building an intuitive technique right now…
  8. This process will give you some breathing room and a few bonus points

Step 2-

  1. Move to the upper left area, which is the herding technique discussed in the Grunt section.
  2. Use circular firing to get rid of the grunts closing in on you.
  3. Notice in the upper left, an enforcer has emerged
  4. Notice the direction of the Hulk which tells you which way you can move next
  5. Head to the upper left, moving behind the Hulk and blast the enforcer before it can launch an attack on you.

Bonus- notice how many of the obstacles are gone in the second screenshot.  Those helped you take out a lot of the grunts without ever having to shoot them.

Step 3-

  1. Now circle back counter clockwise, avoid Hulks while picking up humans.
  2. Be ready to take out the last enforcer that is just starting to emerge in the right side of the screen.
  3. That’s it, you survived a full onslaught from the enemy!

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