Walkthrough- Wave 5- Mikey Trick

This is the stage that will bring you over the precipice of being a novice robotron player to being a REAL Robotron player.

  • Wave 5 is the only brain stage that is easy enough to “cheat” the game and rack up a bunch of free lives.  (up to 3 extra men if you are perfect at this trick)
  • Watch it on Wave 5 – click HERE
  • Watch a master do it on Wave 10 – click HERE

The strategy is simple.

  • All brains will focus on Mikey and not touch any other humans, as long as  Mikey stays on the screen.
  • You are going to use Mikey as bait to kill off all brains.
  • Do NOT shoot the Enforcer/Spheroid. It is needed at the end of the wave.
  • Leaving 1 enforcer to dodge at end of wave, you’ll be able to pick up all humans and score a few extra men.

Step 1-

  1. Assumption is that you picked up ALL humans on wave 4 before killing last enemy. Very important.
  2. At start of wave, scan the playfield for Mikey, while enemies are frozen.
  3. If you can’t see Mikey in the chaos, watch the movement of the brains at the start of wave.
  4. The brains will all be moving toward him which will help you pinpoint visually.
  5. Identify the closest brain that will try to get Mikey (circled in red in the image)
  6. Move in the general direction of Mikey while angle firing to kill the closest brain.

Step 2-

  1. Notice that the brains are actually grouped nicely up above if you fire straight up.
  2. Fire directly up as much as possible to eradicate that group of brains
  3. By that time the brains to the right of the screen will be lined up vertically.
  4. Fire vertically as much as possible to take out remaining brains and grunts.

Step 3-

  1. Use the circling technique to avoid the enforcer
  2. Pay Day!  Pick up all humans
  3. You can fire steady in various directions to neutralize the shots fired at you by enforcer.
  4. Avoid hitting the enforcer or all your hard work will end with the start of the next wave.

This trick is much harder to accomplish than you’d expect.

  • Oftentimes, the game won’t cooperate because it’ll drop a Mikey directly ontop of a patch of brains at the start of the wave.
  • You’ll play many a game before mastering this skill.  Even once you have the skill mastered it may take 5 or more games to be successful.

MASTERY of the first 5 waves-

  • Play the first 5 waves over and over and over and over again until you are comfortable with the offense and defensive strategies needed.
  • Wave 1 to 5, general gameplay- Click video HERE
  • Watch the videos of master level play to get hints about advanced techniques for moving and firing on the screen.
  • You are now a skilled player if you can get through wave 5 without losing any lives while using the Mikey trick.  Watch me do it on Robotron’s 30th birthday HERE.
  • Plus you’ll have an impressive amount of lives built up.  A huge advantage for dealing with the Tanks on wave 7…….

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