Walkthrough- Wave 7- Let’s Try the Tanks

Study and re-study the Tank strategies HERE.

Phase 1- Eradicating Quarks

The goal is to reduce the most Quarks as possible at the start of the wave, which reduces the amount of tanks you will have to fight later in the wave.

  1. Circle and figure 8 as much as possible while firing in all directions to hit the Quarks that will generate into Tanks
  2. The start of the wave is a lot of peripheral vision and quick shooting in all directions to protect from the fast moving Quarks.
  3. Keep moving so they don’t focus in on you.
  4. Try to position yourself away from groups of Hulks, this will maximize the shots you are throwing in all directions.
  5. Pick up any humans within your proximity

Phase 2- picking off brand new tanks

  1. The Quarks will start generating Tanks in groups.
  2. Brand new tanks don’t shoot right away.  This is your chance to attack them and kill in batches
  3. It is easy to get killed by a fast moving orb while focused on the tanks so remember to fire in all directions.
  4. During this phase you can sometimes go to the edge of the screen and blast shots parallel along the walls. This will help you kill off extra fast moving orbs that have to slow down or stop briefly when they hit a wall.

Phase 3- tank attack

  1. When all Tanks have generated you are going to be on the defensive.
  2. Your goal is to figure out how to regain the offense.
  3. Take up position similar to the image that shows the blue circles and red danger zones.
  4. Playing in sweeping circles in the center of the screen is the most effective attack, but Hulks will often keep you from doing so.
  5. When forced out of the middle try to visit the “safe” perimeter locations discussed on the Tank page
  6. Your only chance of survival is flutter firing to stop the incoming shots while killing off an occasional tank.
  7. Peripheral vision and focusing on the general movement of the shots on the screen will help you track bank shots that will come from odd angles toward you.

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