Walkthrough- Wave 9’s – Grunt Mob

The beginning of the Grunt mob wave is all about choosing the path of least resistance.  In this example there is a channel to the upper left.  But that will vary randomly at the start of the wave, and you might find yourself moving to the right, or even down to the left.

  • Wave 9 Grunt mob practice- Click video HERE

Flutter firing- If you hold the firing joystick in one direction a steady stream of shots will flow.  The amount of shots is mandated by the game.  Learning to quickly move the stick betweeen 2 firing positions will allow you to shoot rapidly in 2 directions which creates a “bulldozer” effect.  The speed of the shots when flutter firing is only limited by your ability to finesse the joystick rapidly.

Choose a path that allows you to fire without being blocked by the Hulks

Flutter firing is a must. Try to cut a path to the edge of the screen without going clear to the edge.  (herding technique)

After getting out of the center of the screen, use the herding technique to circle back around the playfield.

Important tip- the spheroids, that generate Enforcers, will gravitate to the edge of the playfield so this is your chance to throw some shots along the edge of the playfield to kill them off before they generate enforcers.  Remember to throw some shots behind you while running in the opposite direction.

Funnel effect- (Advanced skill)

Occasionally, the path of least resistance at the start of a grunt wave will be straight up.

  • In these occasions you can fire straight up and work your way toward the top of the screen.
  • The grunts will be drawn into your blaster fire which will create a narrow funnel of escape so you can begin circling them per the herding technique.

BONUS TRICK-  Nine Wave Special- (“beyond scorching” Master level skill)

  • This trick provided by “(+_+)” from BYOAC.
  • You need to break out of the center on the grunt wave (9, 19, 29,… etc waves).
  • Let’s say straight downward, proceed into one of the corners.
  • Let’s say the bottom, right hand corner and then break through the grunts once again by going diagonally up towards the left.
  • It can be insane especially on the harder difficulties since the grunts tend to “leap”.
  • If done correctly, it appears as though the grunts are melting up against you because you are shooting them at such close range.
  • Sometimes it is easy, sometimes impossible and sometimes you experience a “Nine Wave Special with Meltations”.
  • Click HERE for video- starts at 2:40 mark. Difficulty setting 10!  (Using older MAME which is twice as fast as a real machine.)

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