Project Slow Bullets: Learning Berzerk In 1 million Points

Playing MAME set 2 (slow bullets) with infinite lives setting out to learn the ropes of berzerk by playing to 1 million points (using pause button over multiple days). 

Summary of Tips


  • Shoot at head over barrier
  • Shooting at feet under barrier
  • Stay to left of robot to shoot on vertical


  • Leaving middle robots, in a bowl, for Otto
  • Ducking below horizontal shots is faster than going above due to body length
  • Take angle shots over long distance
  • Shoot to NE angle when on left side of vertical wall
  • Shoot to NW angle when on right side of vertical wall


  • Know when to run to alternate exits on low number of robot screens, sometimes not shooting at all
  • Run on least busy parts of maze to avoid robot traffic
  • Use player movements to guide robots into walls or each other

Extreme master

  • Surviving maze starts when surrounded by robots in 180 degree arc. Prioritizing which to shoot first and exact path to maneuver to avoid getting tagged by angle shots
  • See the Gunslinger Maze Start tips HERE


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