Commentary for Project Slow Bullets

  • Known at start:
  • wall safety- Shoot robots in head when at top of vertical wall
  • wall safety- Shoot robots in feet at bottom of vertical wall
  • try to start left and move to right of mazes

Learned from Grant- TwitchTV

  • 5 or less robots, run for an exit
  • fastest robots by 1500 points
  • Otto is normal pace until last robot is gone from maze
  • Otto is double fast when all robots gone at 5000 points
  • Otto timing- player given 2 seconds per robot on screen
  • stay moving, Otto comes out if senses player is still too long
  • can leave 1 or 2 robots in maze so Otto will take them out on his path toward you, giving more time to reach exit

First 100k – Youtube

  • leave maze on right toward top of exit to prepare for entry into next maze
  • Be aware of Robots at 1 oclock and 5 oclock positions when entering maze
  • take long shots and get robots to walk into them
  • guide robots to walk into edges of walls as they try to come toward you, useful for last few robots on maze
  • in large groups of robots, let them kill each other.

200k- Youtube

  • easiest to shoot robots on an angle if they are moving, and at a healthy distance

300k- Youtube

  • angle shot back and to the NW is easiest angle shot (when running to the right)
  • if you think it’s too far to reach the right side, it probably is. head to top or bottom. especially in the goose neck maxes where you have to go clear down to go right and up then right.
  • when entering to top or bottom, just survive and get to right exit
  • when surrounded by robots on all sides, need to visualize when you are in the zone of their angle shots. use horizontal and vertical movements to avoid their “angle zones”
  • theory- there might be a max amount of bullets that robots can shoot at one time. if robot bullets are happening in other areas, you can angle shot a close range moving robot easier? Robot explosions seem to take processing priority over robot shots.
  • when fighting on the horizontal, it is faster to duck below a shot than go above it, assuming there is room against a wall.
  • taking angle shot to the NE is best done when hiding to the left of a wall.
  • If you must shoot angle to the SE, make sure there is enough time and room to dodge the oncoming bullet which has an advantage on hitting you.

400k- Youtube

  • reflexively shooting a robot bullet out of the air has happened a couple times.
  • reflexively taking angle shots at robots while running is happening more frequently
  • No Win room- came across a maze of 2 robots where i didn’t have enough time to get to nearest exist before getting squashed by Otto
  • Tempting fate- becoming obvious that a master level skill is visualizing robot angle shooting zones when surrounded by Robots is a key element. Need work. Practicing not shooting to get intuitive feel for how to traverse without relying on brute firepower.  Usually ends in getting shot.
  • Reminded of Grant tip- met a robot on right side of short vertical barrier. Shot kept getting blocked by return fire. Had to shoot up then move right to reposition the robot to get shot while moving
  • Using up and down player movements to guide last robots into tips of walls is becoming much easier to realize when it is useful.
  • Summary, went through phase of monotony in early 300k’s, played through it then noticed that the basic strategies were not in conscious mind. Moved on to next phase of awareness which is fully about gauging the robot’s “angled kill” zones.
  • Also, noticed that it is becoming natural to gauge how much leeway I have in moving from top to the side, vice versa, of a robot in close range without getting shot.
  • Ran into a handful of mazes in this series that weren’t survivable to the nearest exist, 2 or 3 robots where they’d kill each other and otto blazed over me.
  • The last few Robots bumping into each other or shooting each other is becoming inconvenient when making a mad dash for exits when being pressed by Otto.  Come on Robot, stay there and stay alive!

500k- Youtube

  • less instances of getting caught at end of maze by Otto
  • surviving starts of mazes when at top or bottom becoming easier to get started without getting nailed
  • Choosing/seeing the “route of least traffic” becoming more natural- going on other side of horizontal walls to bypass robot congestion
  • lack of attention/focus responsible for some deaths
  • Start of mazes where robots are surrounding in horizontal, vertical and diagonals is still a problem
  • Predicting the outcome of events before they happen with the robots is starting to occur

600k- Youtube

  • Not thinking about technique much at all, just playing.
  • Still getting killed at maze start by the 3 robot scenario. 1 above, 1 to the right, and the NE robot slices. Started being more alert at start of maze and trying to use unfocused peripheral vision to dictate route or firing which is helping.
  • have started to notice extra aspects of game, like the robots eye doesn’t move in a smooth rotation. there are 2 swishes then a partial swish
  • Odd firing situations- one bullet grazed a robot and went on to get the next one: 2 robots in one. another shot got 3 robots that were spaced apart in a nice cascading effect with their explosions of boom, boom, boom. Another robot shot dissipated as it was hitting another robot which didn’t kill said robot- now is that fair?
  • Thinking of Robotron and can see where Jarvis saw a lot of potential in berzerk’s exquisite design but the enemy dynamics are lacking in depth.  Robotron was just waiting
  • Have started developing a new general guideline. when it is close to Otto time, the far right side of the upper or lower exits is the escape route. if no Otto by the time running past those marks, then dash for far right exit (assuming it is a straight shot to exit)
  • wrist soreness- having to switch to keyboard style of keep hand loose and arced, bracing pinky on control panel
  • General observation it takes roughly 2 screens per 1k points, and about 8 minutes per 10k. which equates to about 13.5hrs to play a million points and seeing only 2000 of the ?64,000? possible screens.

700k- Youtube

  • becoming more aware of when player movement crosses the robots trigger for firing. NSEW and diagonals.  Robots all over the maze are triggered regardless of proximity to the player or what walls are in way. No logic added to robot firing design beyond the radius’ being crossed
  • becoming aware that there is definitely a processing order involved in what order and when robots are allowed to shoot. depending on timing you can cross a robot’s firing radius’ without triggering the robot to fire, has to be processing order?
  • getting curious about the algorithm that generates the mazes.  surely there wasn’t enough memory or time to store 64,000 unique mazes in memory?
  • getting curious how random placement and number of robots occurs per each maze.  ie the maze that had no robots, is that always the same in future games?
  • to do- need to analyze just where angle shots from robot originate depending on where player is. all 4 angles and on each side of that angle, screenshots needed. there are times when it is safe to angle shot a robot up close, what is the key element- player position, player direction, or lucky timing?

800k- Youtube

  • Nothing new learned, just played. Still having trouble with the busy starts where robots are at all angles.
  • Starting to obtain mental recognition of mazes with the same play style theme

900k- Youtube

  • Otto must be twice as fast as player, as I’ve noticed you can hit the exit on a straight run as long as you are at the halfway point of maze when he appears
  • On busy starts, using peripheral vision and taking an angle shot might be wise. It appears the robot angle shot is always the first one shot at you at start of maze?
  • when playing fast and aggressive, the last robot which gets fast can be destructive. Easy to get caught by the aggression

1 million- Youtube

  • The home stretch! About 200 more mazes and it’ll be celebration time.
  • went back to red robots once score reset at 999990, then back to light blue robots at 1500 points.

The Real Deal- Going back to factory default settings much wiser for the wear!

  • Played half-hearted default game to 18.6k.  Success!
  • Time to learn Fast bullets – CLICK
  • Toyed around with slow bullets one Sunday evening, broke 20k (21.8k).   At the edge of attention span for 1 sitting of a game.  Would be nice if you could up the difficulty to play slow bullets against the next harder robots such as the greens from Fast bullets.

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Berzerk enemies are worse than Sour Patch kids….all sour, no sweet.


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