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Joel West just might be one of the top 2 most recognizable game players from the early 80’s era.  But if you read the trading card above, you will see he is every bit as skilled at classic video gameplay as he is at giving a celebrity interview.

The Guidebook’s goal in reviewing Berzerk was to pay homage to the inspiration for Robotron 2084.  And no homage would be complete without visiting the Grand Daddy of competitive Berzerk gameplay.  Soooooo tell us Dr. West, why is Berzerk in league with some of the top video games of all time:

Where did you first meet the robots in Berzerk?

Was it “love at first sight” or an earned appreciation? …many top Robo players were completely intimidated upon their first exposure to the intense and loud game, something which clearly followed the Berzerk design template.

The game of Berzerk “fast bullets,” where your main enemies are robots with fiercely fast shooting ability, requires a zen like level of concentration.  Where do you gather your intense focus to succeed in this hostile Robotonian environment?

We have all seen the Walter Day documentaries like King of Kong and Chasing Ghosts.  Some of your quotes are the most memorable of the shows. (find some YT clips to insert).  Do you have any life wisdom to share about things you have learned from playing Berzerk for 3 decades?

Alan McNeil, developer of Berzerk, is surely an idol of sorts in creating two of your favorite games?  Have you ever met Mr. McNeil, and what was it like to talk to one of the genius of video game design?

The raw challenge of early video games is a unique experience.  One that many of us hope is passed along to the younger generationWhat are a few reasons you would suggest a youngster get involved with a game like Berzerk?

Any downsides or warnings to this recommendation, ie could Berzerk cause the average person to have a heart attack from playing very well?

add Walt anecdote from conversing with Joel in the original days? “  Joel West…the historic champion on Berzerk from the Golden Age” -Walter Day May 2013

more ideas here….

Yes, when you are exceedingly handsome, you WILL be characterized in a cartoon series. 🙂

Come join the fun!

  • The MAME Event group on Facebook will be hosting a fun Berzerk contest in honor of Joel West.
  • “The Annual Joel West Cup”
  • The contest is open to new players, with the winner receiving the following hand-written letter of commendation from Walter Day (Mr. Litwak in Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph)

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