Disclaimer SPOILER ALERT-  Only study this information if you want to get hints about the maze layouts used in the game.  If you are learning the game and want to enjoy the random nature of the experience where everything is unexpected, stop reading here and return to the Berzerk maze generator pageHappy Berzerking!  (+_+)

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due- All complex information is a result of team-work. 

  1. This Berzerk project started with Master Berzerk player, Steve Wagner, sharing a Fast Bullets strategy guide online.
  2. Which led to Master Berzerk/Frenzy player, Grant T., giving online sessions for learning Slow Bullets.
  3. That led to Master Berzerk player, Phil Younger, providing tips about the maze layout observations.
  4. Developer Alan McNeil, pieced together hints about the design process.
  5. Sean Riddle came onboard to do the code and programming analysis (what you see below)
  6. And finally the author was simply a medium for bringing the technical info to a focal point of understanding.
  7. Result- Berzerk is a superbly deep and exciting game.  Mastery in game design at it’s finest.  If you’ve never popped a quarter in a Berzerk machine it is time to find a retro arcade and try it out!

On with the show!  As stated previously-

  • Berzerk has a Maze grid is 256×256 (65,536).
  • Random Number Generator (RNG) turns that into a set of 64 duplicaterooms 32×32 (1024).
  • In the 1024 maze grid, only 888 are unique layouts.
  • Taking out a few more similar wall layouts.
  • The final tally of UNIQUE mazes is 876!
  • Exact details in NOTEPAD format


When the player is in the 32×32 grid of mazes, they would perceive the “building” being stacked 4 layers tall and 256 rooms wide.

  • The green circle is where the rooms would begin if you hit start immediately upon turning on game.
  • Exiting to the right moves you 1 room to right.
  • Exiting to the top gives perception of moving you 1 room up.


The grid of mazes looks like this in a 32×32 grid layout (double click to open full size image)

  • Notice the green circles to indicate the first maze upon turning on game and starting immediately.


Click HERE to learn more about the Maze Generator Code

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