Berzerk Players

The game of Berzerk would not have been successful without the enthusiastic spirit of the people who enjoyed playing it.  We love to celebrate all the fans of the game.  Not just world record players… we mean anyone who is a casual fan of the game or collector.

  • If you enjoy the game of Berzerk, you are invited to be included in this project.
  • Please, provide a brief answer to the following questions, how you would like your name referenced, and email
  • Thank you in advance for your participation!  We will incorporate everyone’s story.
  • Are you a master level player?  Defined as playing the game for many years; capable of reaching XX points on Slow Bullets, and XX points on Fast Bullets romsets
  • If you have any new gameplay tips to share,  please forward them by email and we’ll add to the instructionals.


  1. First experience that made you want to put a quarter in a game?
  2. First experience that made you aware of the game Berzerk?
  3. Favorite memory or experience playing Berzerk?
  4. Optional- Most notable game you played? (ie any achievement you are proud of)

Player “Berzerk-Bios”-

Joel West

  • Joel West playing Berzerk, click HERE , “Killing 101″ HERE

Ron Bailey

  • Fast Bullets master

Steve Wagner, Berzerk World Record Holder, Arcade Fast Bullets, 350,340  3/12/2009

  • Contributor to the Gameplay Instructionals!

Grant T.- One man’s quest to learn Berzerk HERE (disjaukifa from KLOV)

  • Contributor to the Gameplay Instructionals!

Phil Younger- Berzerk Master- HERE

  • Contributor to the Gameplay Instructionals!

Mark H- Berzerk NOOB

  • My first exposure to arcades as a paying player would be in the Skating Rink environment, playing the plastic roll games and my favorite, Stunt Cycle!
  • I am having trouble remembering exactly where I first saw Berzerk, but presume it was the original Twin Galaxies arcade in Ottumwa.  I remember the ominous and powerful voice, but the gameplay eluded me….I was a slower paced player like PacMan and Donkey Kong up to 1982
  • My most memorable past experience would be playing Berzerk on Atari 2600 because it felt like playing a real arcade game compared to the horrible rendition of 2600 PacMan.  My most memorable current experience with Berzerk would have been watching the screening of Chasing Ghosts and listening to the charismatic passionate view of the game by Joel West.
  • Learning the game this past winter I finally reached 20k on Slow Bullets and right at the 15k mark on Fast Bullets. A future goal, I look foward to seeing the hardest Robots available around the 19K mark on Fast Bullets.

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