Berzerk- Slow Bullets


How To  via Grant- TwitchTV live when he is streaming

  • TwitchTV recorded- (5 minutes in)
  • The original version of Berzerk is called slow bullets. The Robots shoot at a pace that can be outmatched by the player, but Evil Otto moves much more rapidly than player.
  • This creates a scenario where the player is pressed for time and must frantically get to the end of the maze, before Otto appears. Whereas, in fast bullets Otto can be outrun by the player but the Robot shots become so fast at 7500 points you have to play a patient game of cat and mouse and be very crafty with lightning fast reflexes at the first split seconds of the screen.
  • It is advisable to become skilled at Slow Bullets before pursuing the Fast Bullet version of Berzerk
  • Some tips per Grant T. –  Stay moving, if the game senses the player isn’t moving Otto will come quicker
  • Learn to take angle shots at the Robots while running through the maze
  • You get 2 seconds, per Robot on the screen, before Otto comes for you.  Sometimes you need to just get out of the maze alive rather than killing every single robot.
  • When Robots are in blocked areas, saving a Robot alive until you are near exit is wise. When no Robots are left in the maze, Otto runs twice as fast toward you.
  • Efficiency- find times when you can get Robots to bump into each other, shoot each other, run into ends of walls, or be run over by Otto.
  • Maze with No Robots- Youtube
  • Berzerk Glitch- Slow Motion Evil Otto- Youtube

Graphic from Alan McNeil- Why do Robots bump into each other?


Summary of Tips


  • Shoot at head over barrier
  • Shooting at feet under barrier
  • Stay to left of robot to shoot on vertical


  • Leaving middle robots, in a bowl, for Otto
  • Ducking below horizontal shots is faster than going above due to body length
  • Take angle shots over long distance
  • Shoot to NE angle when on left side of vertical wall
  • Shoot to NW angle when on right side of vertical wall


  • Know when to run to alternate exits on low number of robot screens, sometimes not shooting at all
  • Run on least busy parts of maze to avoid robot traffic
  • Use player movements to guide robots into walls or each other

Extreme master

  • Surviving maze starts when surrounded by robots in 180 degree arc. Prioritizing which to shoot first and exact path to maneuver to avoid getting tagged by angle shots
  • See the Gunslinger Maze Start tips HERE


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