How to succeed at DIIK (aka D2K, DKII, DK2, Jumpman Returns)

DIIK is a really fun and fast paced update to the classic Donkey Kong-

  • Click HERE for more details
  • Click HERE for interview with game designer Jeff K.
  • The Phoenix Arcade’s ArcadeSD Jamma PCB can play DIIK and DK Foundry
  • DIIK upgrade can be ordered via the ArcadeSD link HERE
  • Homebrew cabinet artwork for D2K HERE
  • D2K discussion group now available here- DonkeyKongForum

Important tip about the fireballs on screens 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7: (tips provided by CrazyKongFan and SysCrusher)

  • Fireballs will not turn around until they reach the end of a platform.
  • They can go up/down ladders, obviously.  When they do go up/down, they will always go left.
  • And once they do go up/down ladders, they can’t go up/down a ladder again until they have turned around.
  •  So in some situations, it’s good to stay to the right of a ladder if fireballs are near.

Tips below provided by DK Mame WR holder, Dean S.,  (click HERE to see video of Dean in action)

Screen 1:

  • On Level 2+, this took me a long time to get the hang of — it’s tough to see exactly where you are lined up vertically on the screen.
  • You need to get used to standing just on the very edges of the platforms and let the fireballs shoot up and just barely miss you. Very challenging.

Screen 2:

  • The trick to the barrel screens later in the game is to grab the bottom hammer immediately and quickly go and smash one of the fireballs, which makes things much easier.

Screen 3:

  • Tricky screen. Later in the game the Timer is a major problem so you need to be aggressive about clearing each section efficiently. Easier said than done.

Screen 4:

  • Don’t mess around on the Pie Factory in this game —
  • because the fireballs are unable to climb to the very top there is a lot more traffic to navigate past than in the original game.
  • Always take the free pass if possible.
  • Remember that the goal is to just get onto the adjustable ladders —
  • the fireballs cannot get you there in this game so you can take more chances to get onto the adjustable ladder than in the original —
  • remember to time your climb to the top to get all the way to Pauline without getting trapped by Kong!

Screen 5:

  • The bottom section of this screen is patternable and you need to perform the most efficient possible pattern in order to conserve as much clock as possible.
  • When done correctly, there is no backtracking and almost no delays in getting through the bottom section.

Screen 6:

  • Elevator screen, self explanatory.

Screen 7:

  • Screen 1-7 is usually the first “unpassable” section of the game that most players encounter.
  • You need to develop a technique for getting past the mixer apparatus that you can execute comfortably and consistantly.
  • The timing needs to be very precise since the margin for error here is very thin.
  • On the bottom section, your first jump must put your face / head just about tangent to the rising apparatus for a very near miss and then the second jump must be an early jump that just barely clears the back of the pie dish.
  • Very difficult — the cause of many deaths.
  • On the next section, I like to walk right up tangent to the apparatus so that my nose gets clipped by it.
  • Then, I react just about immediately after I notice it dropping and jump the gap.
  • On the top section you need to time your approach so that you jump over the fireball in both directions before climbing the ladder.
  • The fireball cannot climb, so take your time on the ladder.

Screen 8:

  • Later in the game, seven firefoxes will spawn. The key difference is that firefoxes on your level or below you CAN climb DOWN. In general, follow the star pattern but leave the bottom right rivet until last.

On Levels 4+

  • The Timer can be a major problem on Screens 3 and 5 and can be at least a minor problem on screens 1 and 8 so you need to be efficient and aggressive on these screens.

Fireball Tip- Also, certain screens, the fireballs are predictable (for the most part). They won’t switch directions until either getting to the end of where they can go or going up/down a ladder.

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