D2K interview with Jeff K. 

How you got interested in video games?

  • I got into arcade collecting around the time the Internet started growing.  I spent all of my money buying any game I could find until I ran out of space.  Then I was like, “Now what am I going to do with them?”  So I started taking them apart and disassembling the ROMs like any geek would.

What interested you about Donkey Kong?

  • Donkey Kong is a great game.   I like that it has four unique levels.  Each level has it’s own obstacles and challenges.

Why you came up with the idea for D2K?

  • D2K was mostly just me messing around with moving girders and ladders and stuff.  It just sort of evolved as I kept trying to see what other things I could do by altering the code.  I always thought that Donkey Kong could benefit from having more levels. The first level I made was the Foundry.  I thought of it as the “lost level” that was uncovered after all these years!

How you went about making D2K, such as any interesting factoids or creative design ideas involved?

  • Some complain that D2K has no ability to point-press.  And they’re right–it doesn’t.   If fact when I designed the new levels I wasn’t thinking about points at all.  Mostly I was looking for something exciting and new to present to the player–a new challenge to get passed, a new level to conquer.  I didn’t think people really cared about points! Of course shortly afterward the King of Kong came out and suddenly getting points was ALL people talked about!

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