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Welcome to the Definitive Guide to Donkey Kong! My name is Corey Chambers and I will be your host for this webpage. The biggest motivation behind everything I do, whether it is managing the High Score List or creating the Training Videos, has been to offer people everything they would need to succeed in Donkey Kong. I want to show you how to set up MAME, how to play the game, and get you posted on the High Score List, which is a great place to post your scores for free, and is perhaps the most relevant and accurate list that exists.

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Donkey Kong Training is perhaps the most grueling part of playing Donkey Kong. A lot of your learning will take place playing the game, dying every way possible, and getting the timing down perfectly. However, being able to see what is possible and having a demonstration may be the catalyst of moving you past your most recent high score. These videos were created to show you the possibilities but you got to practice and integrate this knowledge into your game.

  1. Donkey Kong Barrel Training Part 1 – Youtube
  2. Donkey Kong Barrel Training Part 2- Youtube
  3. Rivet Stage Training Part 1- Youtube
  4. Scoring Pace Chart
  5. “Pauline” Pace Tracking Program

Sessions with the Masters

Another vital element in learning the game of Donkey Kong is to watch the best players in the world by absorbing their techniques, timing, and tricks. As important as it is to view the best games available, it is also recommended that you watch a game that has achieved your next goal, such as obtaining a killscreen. For this purpose I have posted some games on my youtube account, such as my first killscreen game that will assist you in just running the boards.

  1. Master play: Billy Mitchell –  Youtube
  2. Master play: Hank Chien –  Youtube
  3. Master play: Hank Chien –  Youtube
  4. Master play: Steve Weibe –  Youtube
  5. Master play: Dean Saglio –  Youtube

Play from Home (Emulation)

Most people in the world are playing Donkey Kong on what is called a Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. MAME is a program that you can play right on your computer with your keyboard or joystick of preference. The program emulates the game Donkey Kong perfectly so this is the most affordable, and convenient way to play.

  1. How to play wolfMAME 106- Youtube
  2. MAME Romset download (the normal set of classics)-
  3. Mame Download (choose Official Binaries)-
  4. Link for finding a real DK to play


A rom is another word for the game, so a rom hack is an adjusted variation of that game. These can be fun and may even help in some ways. For example, the Japan Set 1 rom is patterned to give equal time to each of the four boards and may be a good version for practice. Read the descriptions of other hacks below.

  • Many variations on DK exist, Click DonkeyKongHacks to download a few variations
  • Wild Barrel Hack: Every barrel that is thrown is a type 2 wild barrel.
  • Color Barrel Hack: Want to know if you are controlling a barrel? They will change color when you control down a ladder with a left or right input.
  • No-Killscreen Hack: The killscreen on Level 22 has been fixed and the game can be played indefinitely!
  • Japanese Rom version (dkongjp)
  • High Score lists for Hacked versions- HERE
  • D2K Jumpman Returns website, Interview


As a Donkey Kong player you will want to build relationships with those who also enjoy the game of Donkey Kong. The Donkey Kong Forum is a great place to share your ideas, read the thoughts of others, get to know people, update your scores, and learn new strategies. Get on and start streaming your games, chat with other DK players, have fun with others standing behind you in this virtual arcade. Read a blog that keeps you updated on all current happenings in the world of Donkey Kong.


Donkey Kong is popping up all around and has been extremely popular since the documentary King of Kong, and the start of the annual Kong Off. In recent years, we have had a father hack the NES version of Donkey Kong so his daughter could play as Pauline! There has also been a growing interest in Donkey Kong among females, championed by Kayla. From games to wall art, Donkey Kong has become rather popular in our culture.


Depending on whether you own a Donkey Kong cabinet, are in the process of repairing one, or decided to build one yourself, there can be no shortage of material available to help you succeed. Here is your one-stop shop for parts, manuals and schematics.


These additional resources are of interest. Reading through older Donkey Kong manuals can show you just how far we have come as a community.



  • Vintage Manual- The Video Master’s Guide to Donkey Kong by Steve Sanders, Bantam Books, c1982 ISBN# 0-553-23072-7
  • In the early 80’s Steve Sanders of Kansas City, MO published a Donkey Kong manual.  He still retains the copyright to the Bantam published book.
  • The book is available in PDF form for $9.95 by contacting


Meet Your DK Guide, Corey L. Chambers

Early Beginnings

  • When I was 8 years old I remember visiting a friend’s house and learning about the Nintendo Entertainment System for the first time. While feeling enthralled with video games, I was never very good at them. I spent most of my time watching my older brother play RPGs such as Final Fantasy. My father played guitar in a band in bars and while he was busy setting up the stage I was placed in front of arcade games. I remember playing Pacman, Ms Pacman, and Pole Position but I don’t recall the other games I may have played. I was not exposed to Donkey Kong on the arcade machine at all that I can remember. I didn’t learn about Donkey Kong until I played the version on the NES around the age of 12. I remember that I was not able to time the springs and felt awe over the individual who had reported a score of over two million points in Nintendo Power magazine. Games, including Chess, have played a role in my life, but ultimately no games were an obsession to me, and I certainly was not very good at any of them.

Invitation and Inspiration

  • While working at a bank a couple years ago, an acquaintance there was fond of watching documentaries and recommended the King of Kong to me. There was no real reason why he recommended this particular documentary but needless to say I watched it on 11/10/11. Both my wife and I were moved by Steve Wiebe and I personally identified with him at levels only I understood. I know what it is like to not be successful or to have lost much in their life. Having lost my father at the age of 10 and my mother at the age of 27, I have had to carve my own way through life.

NES Donkey Kong

  • Having been inspired I went and purchased a regular Nintendo with the Donkey Kong Classics which included the NES version of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Junior. I was determined to learn the game and played it for hours. My first million point game was on 1/7/12, with a score of 1,042,000, which was about two months after watching the King of Kong. Two days later I got 1,406,400. Five days later I got 1,795,500. Then thirteen days later on 1/27/12, I achieved a score of 2,808,400, finally being the guy who got over two million on NES Donkey Kong! So I progressed rather quickly and I found it fascinating. However, since it took me just over six hours to complete this new high score, I decided to place my focus elsewhere and spend more time with my family.NES Donkey Kong 2,808,400


  • It was during this time I learned about MAME. I had no idea what it was or how to use it. But once I got everything up and running, I was finally playing a version of Donkey Kong that was being emulated like the Arcade game. After playing for several months I reached a plateau of 505,600, which was achieved on 4/28/12. I was discouraged and did not play it very much, but instead I turned to other games, especially to memorize Pac-man, something I found to be rather interesting. I thought that maybe if I learned Pac-man like Billy Mitchell, that maybe it would ultimately help my Donkey Kong game. I started watching Billy Mitchell, Steve Wiebe, and Hank Chien youtube videos over and over again, and also watched the World Record holder on MAME, Dean Saglio repeatedly. So for about eleven months I absorbed these clips and would try things out but with very little success. Looking back I still wonder why I stuck with it, despite the constant failure.

    How to Play Donkey Kong on MAME

The Break-Through and The Donkey Kong Forum

  • Then, something amazing happened on 4/1/13, I finally blasted through the plateau and psychological barriers with a two hammer score of 696,800. I was so excited about my game that I wanted to start showing people so I created a youtube account and uploaded the video so I could share the link with some friends. This was fate I think, for as I perused youtube a bit further I learned about a player by the name of Vincent Lemay, and he had linked his Twitch stream page to one of his videos. I had no idea what was. So I sought him out on facebook and began the slow process of friending a couple people that I knew also played Donkey Kong. It was only a short while before I had made my own Twitch account so I could watch games with the chat function and was introduced to the Donkey Kong Forum.I had realized that my score of 696,800 was just under the score that Brian Kuh had on the TwinGalaxies website, and I had been joking with this acquaintance at work that my first goal was to beat him, only because we were both familiar with him from the King of Kong. So I started playing again, but this time went back to just running boards only grabbing the top hammer. This was the same time I started streaming my games on TwitchTV.


  • Seven days later after this breakthrough I got a score of 714,200, finally beating Brian Kuh. Then three days later, a most wonderful accomplishment, I achieved a Donkey Kong killscreen, with a score of 893,800. This live streamed game helped people know who I am, since I was still new to the scene. There was about 20 people watching including Vincent Lemay himself. That evening I receive many, many friend requests, and congratulations from many people I have not known. I even got a personal facebook message on my wall from Hank Chien. I was on cloud nine for a couple days.Click HERE to see my First Killscreen at 893,800

Donkey Kong Forum High Score List

  • Ten days later, I never would have thought what would come next. I had been upset over the fact that TwinGalaxies was now charging fees for their submissions and since I had a killscreen I thought that it should be submitted. I began reading discussions where some players were saying that they were not submitting their scores to TwinGalaxies any more, and some started submitting to MARP, or just putting a picture up on facebook. I knew that as long as players were not posting their scores to the TwinGalaxies Scoreboard that over time it would become less accurate and less relevant to people. Inspired by my own desire to have my score posted, encouraged by my recent killscreen, and the general culture that was created by the change within TwinGalaxies, was the catalyst to start the Donkey Kong High Score List, on 4/21/13. I began compiling scores. People helped me learn how to format the list and over time I added new functions to the list such as linking twitch urls, youtube urls, inp files, their streaming page, and noting who had a killscreen, and what scores were a killscreen game. Many, many hours of hard labor went into this list, and lots of debate concerning the precise criteria that we would use to determine whether or not a score had adequate evidence. I began the long process of learning about streaming, inps, arcade machines, and verification processes. Recently I have re-amped the entire list, now enjoining its own sub-forum, reformatting the Submission Rules, and creating an additional thread for Score Submissions. Within the last three days I created new lists that will also track Level 1-1 challenge scores, as well as no-killscreen, and no-hammer, challenges. I began slowing my game play because of the amount of time that was required to create, edit, and do on-going maintenance to the lists. But within the next month of creating the list I improved my with a two hammer score of 915,000.Donkey Kong Forum High Score List

Donkey Kong Training Videos

  • Within 20 days, on May 12th when I was streaming, a newer player was watching and upon request I began sharing some techniques on the Rivet screen using save states. It was rather helpful and so I highlight it. Then I had the idea of creating a real training video of the Rivet stage that would be smooth, better quality, well thought out, and narrated better. I began looking for free software that would enable me to capture what was on my monitor and started using Windows Movie Maker to clip and narrate. I completed and published my very first Donkey Kong Training Video on May 18th. I had intended at that time to eventually do a video on all the stages in order to assist new players in a way that did not exist when I was trying to learn the game.Rivet Training Video

Recent Events

  • On June 23, 2013 I achieved a score of 964,500 for the WildCard Rematch #3/WildCard Division Qualifier #1 placing me in the present list of top 8 qualifiers for this tournament which will be held at the Kong Off 3.
  • Donkey Kong Killscreen Game 964,500
  • July 2013- My most recent accomplishment has been the creating of the next video in my four part series on Donkey Kong. In two parts, I recently released a total of 1hr 23min worth of Barrel board training. Now that I have completed this video, I will be refocusing myself now to make one million point attempts and finally break through that next plateau.
    1. Donkey Kong Barrel Training Part 1 – Youtube
    2. Donkey Kong Barrel Training Part 2- Youtube

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