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Joust is the ultimate physics game produced by Williams in 1982.  Where-as, Robotron is a chaotic free-for-all melee; Joust is a gentleman’s game requiring patience, planning, and precision in the execution of a masterful game-plan.

There are 2 facets of playing Joust well.  First the player must learn the vast technique’s for flying your mount.  Secondly, you must learn the flight characteristics and weaknesses of the 3 different enemies and an angry pterodactyl.

The player will learn to observe the velocity and arcing trajectories of the enemies, allowing the player to think ahead in the game.  This allows time to position the player’s mount strategically to meet the enemies in an advantageous situation (offense).

Joust Events

A Lesson In French With Joust Master, Christian Gingras

  • Chevalier in English is Knight. These people were using a “cheval” (Horse) for
    locomotion, a sign of high prestige… like a Mercedes or Porsche today. Since
    the fighters are actually sitting not on horses but on birds, we could call them
    Oiseliers (Birders), but this new word would be hard to swallow !

Joust makes great Pop-Culture!

The pillow project

joust-pillow1 joust-pillow2 joust-pillow3 joust-pillow4 joust-pillow5joust-pillow6

Pfutz’s Favorites: –from Bill Pfutzenreuter Oct, 2013

Archive News Item from July 2012- Star Worlds presents a Video Game event at original site of Twin Galaxies!

As part of the Summer Camp 2012 promotion at Star Worlds arcade in Dekalb, IL- Star Worlds sponsored the Lon McDonald Joust tour stopping at the original site of Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa, Ia.  This coincides with the 30th anniversary of the public release of Joust in mid-July 1982!

Saturday morning, July 14th, 2012 Lon McDonald will break the current Mame Marathon World Record on Joust by playing to 10 million points.  Between 2011-2012 Lonnie McDonald has played at over 60 sites around the country, rolling the score to 10 million on each Joust machine played.

This event is historically significant because the original Twin Galaxies location has been closed since the mid-80’s.  Meaning no game events have occurred in about 25 years at the original location.  We are excited to join forces with Dr. Altfillisch, who operates an Optometrist office in the location, to bring you a Joust World Record on the 30th anniversary of a great William’s classic!

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