If you enjoyed John Newcomer’s design work in Joust, you may enjoy some of the other projects in which he has been involved:


Select CYBIKO and IN-FUSIO Mobile Game Titles

  • HALO PORTAL: MOBILE EDITION (Microsoft – IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design and Senior producer.
  • LINE RIDER MOBILE 2007(InXile – IN-FUSIO): Designer, VP Game Design and Senior Producer.
  • NEOPETS MOBILE (Neopets- IN-FUSIO): Co-Concept, VP Game Design.
  • AGE OF EMPIRES II (Microsoft – IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design.
  • ZOO TYCOON 2 MARINE MANIA 2007(Microsoft- IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design and Sr. Producer.
  • ZOO TYCOON 2 (Microsoft- IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design.
  • GOLDEN TEE GOLF MOBILE EDGE 2007 (Incredible Technologies – IN-FUSIO): Co-Designer, VP Game Design and Senior Producer. Done with a team in Moscow.
  • GOLDEN TEE ADVANCED (Incredible Technologies – IN-FUSIO): Co-Designer, VP Game Design and Senior Producer. Adaptation of coin-op golf game.
  • GOLDEN TEE GOLF (Incredible Technologies – Cybiko): Designer, Director of Game Design.
  • MIDTOWN MADNESS and (Microsoft – IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design. Action driving game.
  • MIDTOWN MADNESS 3D (Microsoft – IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design.
  • RAMBO ON FIRE (IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design. Action, isometric shooter.
  • TERMINATOR I’M BACK (IN-FUSIO): VP Game Design. Action, isometric shooter.
  • ELF BOWLING (N-Storm – Cybiko): Designer, Dir. Game Design. Adapting the classic viral PC bowling flash game.
  • MOTO-GP (THQ – Cybiko): Co-Designer, Director of Game Design. The first third person perspective driving game developed for mobile.
  • MOTO-GP N-GAGE 3D (THQ – Cybiko): Director of Game Design.
  • HELLO KITTY JUMPA-JUMPA (THQ – Cybiko): Director of Game Design. Music reaction game.
  • BASS KICKING FISHING (THQ – Cybiko): Designer, Director of Game Design and Senior Producer. First person view fishing game
  • MORTAL KOMBAT (MIDWAY Wireless – Cybiko): Director of Game Design.  Fighting strategy game.
  • SWERVE BASKETBALL 3D (Superscape – Cybiko): Designer, Director of Game Design.
  • CHESSCAPADE 3D (Superscape – Cybiko): Co-Designer, Director of Game Design.
  • KI-TAI (Cybiko): Co-Designer, Creator, Director of Game Design. Martial arts side-scroller.

Coin-Op Video Game Titles

  • JOUST (Williams): Creator/Game Designer & Project Manager. A #1 game in the US for 6 months and reached #1 in the world. Design was tweaked during development with programmer Bill “Pfutz” Pfutzenreuter
  • JOUST 2: SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST (Williams): Game Designer & Project Manager. Team lead, created the game design and executed most of the artwork.
  • SINISTAR (Williams): Director of Game Design. Wrote the game design.
  • STAR RIDER (Williams): Director of Game Design. One of the first games to utilize laser disk technology.
  • TURKEY SHOOT (Williams): Game Designer, Project Manager & Director of Game Design.
  • NARC (Williams): Foreground Artist. (#1 game in US)  Eugene Jarvis’ project and design
  • HIGH IMPACT FOOTBALL (Williams): Co-Designer/Creator & Art Director. This was the game that convinced the Williams/Bally/Midway management to start a line of sports games. Now Midway has an entire sports game division. #1 game in US for six months. The co-designers were Eugene Jarvis and Ed “Mortal Kombat” Boon
  • SUPER HIGH IMPACT FOOTBALL (Midway): Co-Designer/Creator & Art Director.
    #1 game in US for 3 months.
  • TRI-SPORTS (Bally): Game Designer, Artist & Project Manager. Executed all artwork for the game.
  • NBA JAM (Midway): Animator. (#1 game in US) Mark Turmell’s brainchild and project.
  • REVOLUTION X (Midway): Foreground Artist. (#1 game in US) Revolution X was interesting because Warren Davis (Q-Bert) was doing support programming, and I was supporting the project by doing foreground animation. It was the design of George Petro (Big Buck Hunting and Terminator) and Jack Haeger.
  • TOUCHMASTER (Midway): Senior Game Designer & Co-Team Leader.  Designed, laid out and executed much of the artwork for some 30 simple games including card, word, trivia and sports games, etc. #1 game in this category in US for two months.
  • TOUCHMASTER INFINITY (Midway): Senior Game Designer. Infinity is a PC-based upgrade version of TouchMaster series.
  • GILLIGAN’S ISLAND PINBALL (Bally): Dot Matrix Artist. Was the first person in the industry to figure out how to make digitized character pictures from an orange dot matrix display. The first to use animation tricks to make art seem much larger than it is. All these were adapted in subsequent pinball games at Williams/Bally and competitors.

Toy and Game Titles

  • CYBIKO (Cybiko) Wireless PDA for tweens.
  • CYBIKO XTREME (Cybiko) Wireless PDA for tweens.
  • SPLISH SPLASH (Hasbro) Action game.
  • FASHIONS BY ME (Hasbro) Craft toy.
  • BLOCK THE CLOCK (Ideal) Action game.
  • COLORMATCH (Ideal) Strategy board game.
  • RINGSIDE BOXING (Ideal) Action game.
  • NEWPORT 500 (Castle Toy) Electronic game.
  • ROCKET TUBES (Mego) Micronaut line toy.
  • INVASION FROM SPACE (Mego) Electronic handheld game.
  • FOTO-ELECTRONIC BOWLING (Cadaco) Electronic tabletop game.
  • SKEE-BALL (Cadaco) Action game.
  • THE POTHOLE GAME (Cadaco) Action game.
  • POWER BOWLING (Bandai Japan) Electronic tabletop game.
  • PUMPIN’ PEOPLE WORKYARD (Bandai Japan) Preschool activity toy.
  • PUMPIN’ PEOPLE FIRE STATION (Bandai Japan) Preschool activity toy.
  • BOBBLES (Kusan) Preschool toy.

Historical Anecdote

  • per BLOG– In 1982 ex-toydesigner John Newcomer submitted his resume to Williams Electronics stuffed down the throat of a rubber chicken. Newcomer’s “Joust” consisted of flying combat with no projectiles or firing system…just a joystick and a flap button. It was only the 3rd arcade game in history to allow two players simultaneously on the screen and proved to be an investment risk. Promotors wondered if people would actually put 2 quarters in the machine to get half the gameplay. The game was almost shelved for that very reason, let alone the lack of shooting. It was also the first game with hand pixel graphics straying from vector/ x-y monitors ie “asteroids” and “tempest” Joust became a cult classic and one of the most successful games of the early 80s paving the way for other advances in gaming.
  • per Ken Fedesna, Aug 2013- This is an absolute TRUE story. I was the Director of Engineering back then, and when I first interviewed John Newcomer for a game designer position we were trying to fill, John came in and placed a crock pot on my desk. Inside the crock pot was a rubber chicken, and inside the rubber chicken was his resume. Needless to say, we hired John, and the rest is JOUST history.

Walter Day displaying a children’s book dedicated to Game development, using Williams’ Joust.


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