Joust- Shadow Lord Strategy

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You’ll notice if you stay within a certain range of a generation portal it will not be able to produce enemies.  You’ll use this in the strategy for successfully defeating the wicked blue enemy

When there is no lower middle ledge, start the wave standing on the lowest portal.

  • Practice flying just high enough that a blue enemy pops up and flies into you.  You will have to make fine adjustments while hovering as you learn to maintain the “sweet spot”
  • When the enemies on the middle ledges start walking, they will drop off in an arc.
  • If you are positioned correctly, they will fly right into the bottom of your bird

When there is lower middle ledge, start the wave standing on the lowest portal.

  • As the enemy starts walking off the middle side platforms, position yourself near where they will drop. Just as they reach the platform during the drop, you can do a flap and hold and they’ll bounce into your bird and get jousted
  • If too many enemies come down at once, position yourself directly underneath the lower ledge.  Then you can do the last minute flapping to kill them as they run along the ledge toward you.
  • If they fly at you from both sides, hover under the platform and they will either bounce into you and die, or they’ll hit the side of the ledge and get pushed up and away from you.

Recovery from getting killed on a shadow lord stage

  • When you get killed, the blue enemy will all come out onto the screen, making a chaotic situation to try recovering. Stay calm.
  • For a few seconds after you regenerate, the enemy will be in slow motion. Use this brief moment to kill off an enemy or two. Be quick or be dead.
  • Use momentum against the enemy.  Get to the lowest ledge as fast as you can.
  • If you have a middle lower ledge, try to regain the advantage by staying under the middle ledge.
  • If you are on a wave where upper ledges are gone.  Fly down to the right side of the lowest ledge.  As the enemy starts dropping, double flap yourself up to the edge of the right ledge which will cause some of the enemy to bounce into you.
  • Then if you have an upper ledge fly as fast as you can to kill a few more blue enemy in a ledge funnel.
  • Then you are going to have to quickly get to the top and hover, and position yourself so the enemy bouncing off the top of the screen will get jousted.
  • Dropping then going back up to the top quickly, can make the blue enemies loops bigger incase they are getting too close to hovering at the top without big bouncing arcs.

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