Joust- Enemy Strategy

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Red Enemy

  • Doesn’t have real good tracking abilities at honing in on player, but if the player moves quickly above the red enemy they will fly quickly up.
  • Hovering at their level at start of waves, and using ledge funnels is easiest strategy for killing them off

Gray Enemy

  • They aren’t as frantic moving as red enemy, but they will try to match level of player making them a bit tricky
  • The tendency is that the player will push to the very top of the screen where the gray enemy will kill the player quickly
  • Level hovering is best way to kill of gray enemy.
  • Instead of getting pushed higher on the playfield, drop down to lower levels when game-play gets tricky.  This gives you time to push back up and use quick last minute flapping to kill them off, or trap them in ledge funnels

Shadow Lords

  • The blue enemy is the drag racer of the enemies. They are on pace and faster than your fastest flapping ability, so you have to use strategy to beat them.  Never try to beat a blue enemy in a brute force flapping contest, you’ll lose.
  • The weakness of this extreme speed is lack of control, they will not fly with the precision of the gray enemy, and you can get them bouncing erratically off the top of the screen.
  • Patience is the best method for dealing with blue enemy.
  • As long as the player stays below the level of a blue enemy, they will not become extremely aggressive
  • If you are on the bottom ledge, stay still and face the mount’s rear toward the direction the blue enemy is coming.  At the very last minute before they bump into you, when running, do a quick double flap (very last minute then Bam, Bam!) you will outjoust them before they jump.  If you are too slow they will bounce off of you and run in opposite direction so you will stay safe
  • If you are flying in the middle areas of screen, use the shadow lords momentum against them.  When they are heading downward, fly up quickly and catch them in a ledge funnel.
  • If you are flying at the top- use quick flapping to head to the very top of screen then hover.  The blue enemy will fly up so quickly, they will start bouncing off the top in looping arcs.  Position yourself to meet them at the top of one of their bounces and kill them.  When you are good at this technique, you can kill off 5-7 enemies in a fraction of seconds.


  • The pterodactyl comes out at beginning of waves starting at wave 8, then every wave ending in 3 or 8
  • By standing on the lower middle ledge you can kill the angry beasts at start of wave which is highly advisable
  • On waves where no middle ledge, you can stand on the lower side of the bottom ledge at start of wave, and joust them in the mouth.
  • If you are taking too long at finishing a wave the pterodactyl will come out, if you change levels you will be able to avoid the angry beast.
  • If you are skilled at flying, you can fly up to hit the pterodactyl in the mouth and kill it.  Flying up toward it tends to be easier than just hovering in front of it, or trying to drop down onto the bird.

Lava Monster

  • This monster becomes helpful to the player during most of the game.
  • The player can practice double flap technique by getting caught on level 4 or 6 and trying to fly out of it’s grasp.
  • Later waves, there is no chance of survival if you fly too close to the lava. So just avoid the lava
  • The player can kill enemies caught by the lava monster if you fly into them fast then bounce away quickly. Use the soaring technique by holding the flap button down when jousting the enemy which will cause you to bounce away quickly.

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