Joust- Wave Walkthroughs

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Wave 1 to 3

  • Use slow pace of the game to practice flying and catching the red enemy in ledge funnels

Wave 4

  • Practice hovering and kill off the gray enemy by out-flying them just before you get jousted.

Wave 5-  Eggs

  • On the early waves you can try starting on the top right ledge then moving right and down.  This allows you to practice catching all eggs on the ledges while moving down.  You will have to practice skidding, and using the soaring technique to fly over the lower middle ledge and avoiding the lava hand.
  • At higher waves, it is advantageous to start at the bottom right ledge then move to the left and up to grab eggs.  If you are unable to get the hatching eggs on the top ledges, just move to the very bottom ledge and wait for the enemy to come to you for the fight
  • Catching eggs in the air when jousting is a great way to build up your score due to the bonuses that increase from 250, 500, 750, 1000 for each egg caught.  The easiest method to do this is to joust the enemy when the mounts rear is facing the enemy, then fly in the direction of the egg to catch it.

Wave 16- first shadow lord appears

  • Practice staying on the bottom ledge and fighting off the gray enemies.
  • When the blue enemy drops down you can hover a bit so it’s arc flies it into you and kills it.
  • Or you can let it walk on the bottom ledge and outflap it at the last moment before it bounces into you.

Wave 17 to 34 is the hardest part of the game due to the mixed gray enemies with the blue enemies.  Wave 33 with 3 pterodactyls and a mix of gray with blue enemies might be one of the trickiest waves you’ll deal with since the gray enemy will do a good job of jousting you before killing off all 3 pterodactyls. 

Wave 37 up to wave 59 are all blue enemies, except for waves 36, 41, 46, 51, 56.  Wave 60 starts the pure blue enemies hatching from eggs.

Around wave 95 the shadow lords take a leap in speed which is also the last increase in the games difficulty.  Outflapping them at the last minute on the ground becomes an even more precise matter of timing.

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