Guide to Major Havoc

Developer- Owen Rubin and Mark Cerny (1983 Atari)


Return to VAX by Jess Askey

  • More levels and 3 more warp codes
  • Official site link contains game ROM download
  • site contains some tips and secret tricks, too!
  • MAME Download
  • Outdated Level Editor project-

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Overview of Scoring- Arcade-History

Warps- entered below Breakout screen at game start

  • Red- 23
  • Yellow- 46
  • Green-824(Mark Cerny’s B-Day
  • Aqua-315(Owen Rubin’s B-Day)
  • Blue-223 (Only exists in Return to Vaxx)
  • Purple-683 (Only exists in Return to Vaxx)
  • Rainbow-948 (Only exists in Return to Vaxx)never ever done this successfully 🙁

Strategy Tips-


  • Play Breakout for free man when blocks cleared
  • Use Galaga style sweeping movements during ship fight
  • Hop over O2 then pick it up after reactor is triggered for more points


  • Touch reactor when enemies are in key positions to allow your exit
  • Strategically use shield to remove enemies blocking your path
  • Quickly shoot enemies to left and right of player in the Tempest Style maze
  • Shoot out walls for more points in the Tempest Style mazes
  • Learn to finesse the jump button with small hops


  • Memorize the key elements presented in the Reactor mazes, to optimize player movement
  • Learn to finesse your timing on hops and navigation such as the red floor traps that trigger shots when touched
  • On level 6 you can exit the Reactor maze via a Rocket module in the lower right corner!

Game Walk-Throughs (via GreekGuy999 on Youtube)

Potential gameplay tricks-

  • Escape rocket shield bug
  • Reactor shoulder trick
  • Exiting Level 13 while “turning-on” the finger, allows you to end the level just before the reactor is shut off.  If the  timing is correct you will return to level 13 next time but without any enemies. -From RGVAC- Note: This only works on the older ROM Version 2.
  • According to Owen R.: You can slip through a bottom corner of level 1,5,9,13,17,ect..  You will fall down through space and will see a special suprise! Note: This was only successfullly done by one person repeatedly but Owen could never get the problem fixed.

RetroGamer Magazine –  #107




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