Japanese Nibbler Tournament- Saturday August 17th, 2013

On 17th Aug. at SEGA AVION Namba Osaka Japan, held First Ever JAPAN

NIBBLER Tournament.
Start at 18:00, and end at 22:30 (Japanese time) You can freely join the
NEW Contestants are WELCOME!
We will USTREAM the tournament plays!

  Tournament was “Best score in 10 minutes,” using Romset 9 (dots regenerate upon death at wave 32 and above)

The Best source for Nibbler gameplay tips is in Japan- http://nibbler-kouryaku.blogspot.jp/

More pictures from the Nibbler after-party- http://www.flickr.com/photos/sat7800/sets/72157635230605074/

The tournament was held in Osaka, Japan at

Advertisement for the tournament

Technical difficulties the night before the tournament!

The tournament was streamed on the Internet for a global audience

  • http://www.ustream.tv/channel/microcode-n-s-show
  • In viewing attendance were notable persons throughout Japan
  • Hiroshi (blastAgain) was the Japan to English translator and Master of Ceremonies over the internet
  • Tim Kinzy and Andy Seklir who are making the Nibbler documentary, Man vs Snake
  • Patrick O’Malley from the world famous Star Worlds Arcade
  • American Tim McVey, history’s first billion point Nibbler champion
  • Italian Enrico Zanetti, history’s second billion point Nibbler champion
  • Australian Gary Whittingham from Australia and founder of WilliamsPlayersUnite.com
  • Youtube clip from Tournament gameplay

Final Results from Tournament- BLOG

1st-  yamasan 1048760 (wave 44) 

2nd-  kyokugen 911900

3rd-  denji_n 897570 (Youtube)

Several quotes from the streamed event

  • It takes smart player to win after wave 32!  Players use lots of creativity to solve mazes! Nibbler being played by dot eating “artists”
  • College student player Kyokugen!  kyokugen is very playboy and he has 10 girl friend.  YES!! THEY ARE NINJA!! PLAYBOY NINJA!!  kyokugen will show his NINJA power after this tournament
  • Congratulations to all players!
  • from Tim McVey-  sprinter461 Thank you!
  • from Hiroshi- blastAgain Thank you! Too! Tim!

After Party!

  • Youtube , click captions in lower right to get English sub-titles

Extra Information about Nibbler

  • 1 Billion plus- World Record Video
  • Up and coming Nibbler star, Elijah Hayter- gameplay HERE  –Summer 2012 update, this person ended up taking the World Record until Rick Carter took it back by playing over 50 hrs in the fall of 2012
  • 1983 Rock-ola release
  • Developer/Programmer Interview HERE
  • Repetetive maze game
  • Requires 4 way wico leafswitch joystick for waves above 20
  • Use 90 degree angles in maze to let Nibbler move without needing to move joystick.  Optimizes joystick movements to handle high speed game
  • An easy game to learn, but takes a long time to build the motor memory to play mazes with precision to marathon above 100million points
  • If you reach 128 lives, the game will glitch and your game will end upon next death
  • If you memorize the patterns in the video, you will be able to reach 1 million plus within weeks.
  • Reaching wave 20-32 will be the extent of the game’s complexity
  • After reaching wave 99, the game returns to wave 82, and repeats until end of game.
  • Score rolls back to 0 at 1 billion points.

Japanese Game Broadcast:

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