How to succeed at Tutankham

Visit Star Worlds Arcade, near Chicago, IL,  to play this classic arcade game. 

  • If you don’t live near an arcade, the ArcadeSD jamma PCB at supports Tut.
  • Tut is available on XBox360 under the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA)

Game history-

  • Game control uses 2 joysticks similar to the immensely popular Robotron
  • “Tutankham” was used to abbreviate the full name of Tutankhamun, which was too long for the images.

Game concept- 

  • Player moves in 4 directions within maze
  • Firing is left and right only
  • A flashbomb is available to destroy all enemies on the screen. 1 bomb per life.
  • 4 mazes, repeated 4 times
  • Each series of 4 mazes gets successively harder
  • After wave 16, the mazes start over at the original maze 1.

All Strategies below can be observed in the Walkthrough videos provided below.

Find “Safe Zones” (novice skill)

  • Find “safe zones” for firing on the horizontal, where enemies have to filter toward your firing range

Ignore the Radar (novice skill)

  • The radar looks cool like Defender, but it is a distraction
  • The radar does not show you where to find keys
  • Enemies only exist on the players current screen so the radar is moot
  • The only time the radar is useful is when using the “Erasing the Enemy” skill below.

Erasing the Enemy (novice skill)

  • The computer program is only able to process enemies on the player’s current screen view
  • Moving to the far left or right in a maze will help “erase” the enemies on the current section of the screen
  • Handy when the pack of enemies is too overwhelming to deal with

Wall Shot (advanced skill)

  • When moving up or down, firing against the wall will leave a trace shot that will kill enemies that are very close to catching you.

Pacman control (advanced skill)

  • Be aware that enemy movement is guided by how many enemies are in the area and where the player is in the maze.
  • Like Pac-Man, you will be able to find predictable patterns of enemy movement.

Learn to “finesse” the hard parts of mazes 3 and 4 (advanced skill)

  • Maze 3 and 4 have some vertical columns of maze that are extremely challenging
  • Avoid the urge to use your Flash bomb
  • You will need to develop an intuitive sense of the enemy movement, shooting skills, and timing
  • See the Walkthroughs below for tips on techniques to maneuver these tricky parts of the game.

Use the Swarm Timer (master skill)

  • Be aware that swarms of enemies are generated at fixed intervals of the timer.  Try to be in a safe zone before swarm starts


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