How to Play Visual Pinball

Visual pinball is a program that allows you to play many original pinball titles directly from your computer or laptop.

  • All the major pinball titles have been emulated but I am using Bally’s Addam’s Family for the example below.
  • If you are a handy at building, this concept can be turned into a full size video pinball machine-

On windows 7 you have to run the files in XP compatibility mode, and do the right click run as administrator during the installation.

    1. Save the installer found by clicking the scrolling marquee at this site:
    2. Right click on the file you saved and Run as administrator
    3. It will install the vpin program to your c drive in a program files folder.
    4. Inside that folder you will find a Tables folder and Roms folder which are important later.
    5. Go to this site which might require a free registration:
    6. Click Search, Downloads,  enter a pinball name like “Addams” and click Go
    7. Click on the item called “The Addams Family VP9 1.02”
    8. Download the file to your desktop, clicking on the file on your desktop will open the zipped file.  Save the .VPT file to your desktop
    9. Drag the .VPT file to your Tables folder mentioned above
    10. Scroll down on the webpage and download all of the ROM files to your desktop (lots of them for Addams family)
    11. Drag the roms you downloaded to the ROMs folder mentioned above.
    12. Double click the silver pinball icon on your desktop to start the Virtual pinball program.
    13. Use File-Open to browse the Tables folder for the Addams family pinball
    14. Click on Play button and  click through screens
      • Usually 4, 5, or 6 button adds credits to game
      • The 1 or S button starts games
      • Flippers are the shift keys
      • Ball plunger is the enter key

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