Cliff’s Corner

Recommended Robotron, or Williams, related products

Robotron 2084 neon sign-

Robotron replacement Bezel- screenprinted on tempered glass, top quality-

  • Bezels are 24in wide by 22in tall- be sure to measure your cabinet before placing order as Cab dimensions vary quite a bit.
  • Out of stock as of May 2012. More in possibly this fall?

Robotron Jamma PCB- plays all Williams classics including Make Trax and Moon Patrol-

Wico 8-way Actuators, reproduction- MikesArcade

4 inch Wico shafts, reproduction- KLOV reference

New/used Wico Joysticks and parts- KLOV reference 1,  KLOV reference 2

Wico centering grommets, reproduction- KLOV 1, KLOV 2, KLOV 3

  • June 2012 UPDATE-  Contact G3N3R1C from KLOV for reproduction grommets.  Just like the original leaf switch grommets in the far left picture. Taito, Midway, and Wico available.

Robotron cabinet artwork-



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