Craftymech’s mini Scan Line Generator (miniSLG),129344.msg1322747.html#msg1322747

The mini SLG is an inexpensive, and compact scanline generator that is compatible with devices that output a standard VGA signal @ 640×480 & 1024×768 resolutions.

Examples would include:

  • a multigame pcb with VGA output, such as a 60-in-1 board.
  • a CGA->VGA converter board, such as the GBS-8200
  • a PC video card

For best results, the VGA source should be set @ 640×480 resolution.

Contact Craftymech via BYOAC link above for pricing and availability:  just send a private message with your order & email address and he will send you a PayPal invoice.

Scanlines for everyone!

mini SLG in a black shell

Pac-Man (60-in-1 board) on an LCD @ 640×480

Technical- Side by Side comparison


  1. Is there a visual difference between running at 640×480 and 1024×768?  Quality of the lines?
  2. I have a 19″ monitor that’s native resolution is 1280×1024. If I run my front end (HyperSpin) at this resolution and then MAME at 1024×768 or 640×480 then I should only get the scan lines in MAME, correct?
  3. Just an observation but it appears in your DK pictures that the scan lines are not as prominent in the color dark blue (dark blue barrel and Paulina’s blue shoes). Is that just in the picture or are the scan lines bluish in color?


  1. That depends on the LCD display native resolution. I also have a 1280×1024 LCD, and 640×480 looks best with perfectly alternating scanlines. Some banding may occur at 1024×768 if that resolution is a mismatch for the native res of the LCD. However, some users have reported 1024×768 looks best with their displays. Generally speaking, I recommend 640×480 as the preferred resolution for the mini SLG.
  2. Right, higher resolutions wont have scanlines, so running the front end @ 1280×1024 will give you a normal display for your front-end.
  3. Sharp observation! Part the photo not being taken at a straight-on angle, and part because the scanline intensity for the blue channel is not quite as prominent as red & green. The mini is a single chip design that uses two logic gates to control scanlines for the 3 color channels R,G,B. Typically, a hue is comprised of data from more then one channel, so the difference only occurs for pure blue. The scanlines themselves are display data lines reduced in intensity by about 75%, rather than being a specific color.

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