Happy 30th Birthday- Joust

Star Worlds presents a “World Record Video Game event” at original site of Twin Galaxies!

As part of the Summer Camp 2012 promotion at Star Worlds arcade in Dekalb, IL- Star Worlds sponsored the Lon McDonald Joust tour stopping at the original site of Twin Galaxies in Ottumwa, Iowa on Saturday July 14th, 2012.  This coincided with the 30th anniversary of the public release of Joust July 16th, 1982!

Saturday morning, July 14th, 2012 Lon McDonald, from Kansas City, broke the current Mame Marathon World Record on Joust by playing to 10 million points. Between 2011-2012 Lonnie McDonald has played at over 60 sites around the country, rolling the score to 10 million on each Joust machine played.  226 E. Main St. in Ottumwa, IA was site number 61.

This event was historically significant because the original Twin Galaxies arcade has been closed since the mid-80′s.  Meaning no game events have occurred in about 25 years at the original location.  We were excited to join forces with Dr. Altfillisch, who operates The Optical Shoppe (226 E. Main St., Ottumwa, IA), to bring you a Joust World Record on the 30th anniversary of a great Williams classic!

Finding the right spot for a World Record- this spot in the building is only a few feet from where the original Joust WR was broken using the “pterodactyl cheat.”  Later on, cheating a video game for a WR was banned.  This spot is also within 10 feet of where Billy Mitchell originally broke 800k on Donkey Kong (as seen in King of Kong documentary).  Picture a throng of people outside this window, then watch THIS or  THIS video to see that it indeed used to be that way.

Dr. Mark Altfillisch from The Optical Shoppe, keeping the spirit of the original Twin Galaxies site alive!

It is important to have some supporters, especially the next generation of video game players-

When hauling a video game it is useful to find some dude with a truck-

World Records need posters- The blue one on the right is Lon’s Joust Doubles World Record with Steve Sanders (King of Kong fame).  The TGIS post is a replica of the 8 foot by 8 foot backdrop at the back of the original Twin Galaxies arcade.Getting started on a journey to 10 million points- The camera was used to record the game for Twin Galaxies and stream the gameplay live across the internet for any Joust fan on the planet to watch. 

Middle of the game- It takes around 5 hours to get 10 million points on Joust! Breaking the World Record at 8.4million points-

Here is what it feels like to be a World Champion-

World Champions don’t just break records, they crush them.  Heading toward 10 million-

Watch Lon roll the score from 9,999,999 back to zero- http://youtu.be/K186jVQeQkM

To the victor go the spoils-  The video game conceded Lon’s excellence at Joust

Joust Tour 2012- Site 61 complete and another Joust machine with all 9’s for the score!

Plenty of memorabilia to be signed- Find Lon on Facebook if you are interested in obtaining a Twin Galaxies trading card commemorating his epic Joust journey.  Tell him the Guidebook sent you-

Who made this happen?  Big Thank You’s to the following folks!

Pat and Glenn from Star Worlds arcade in DeKalb, IL (1 hr west of Chicago on I-88 near the Oasis),  Visit StarWorldsArcade.com and CelebateTheArcades.com to learn more about these two pioneers of the “neighborhood arcade” culture.

Walter Day- Twin Galaxies legend (Special Thank you goes out to Grace Snoke from TwinGalaxies.com)

“Wonderful event. Ottumwa’s Glory as the Video Game Capital of the World rises again through the efforts of Dr. Mark Altfillisch and Lonnie MacDonald. Thank you.”

Dr. Altfillisch, The Optical Shoppe at 226 E. Main St. in Ottumwa, IA- If you are looking for this landmark, come off the highway near downtown Ottumwa, find the Bridgeview Center, look north across the river and you’ll see this sign on the horizon of buildings.  Made from the original Twin Galaxies storefront sign.

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  • Live internet stream during gameplay

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Parting life wisdom learned at this Joust event- Remember to replace the trash bag when taking the trash out. It makes the mother happy.  And when Mama’s happy, the kids in the house are more likely to be allowed to play video games.

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