Happy 30th Birthday, Robotron 2084! Friday, June 1st, 2012

June 1, 1982-  Robotron 2084 was released to the public!

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of this classic game, Star Worlds Arcade and Robotron2084Guidebook invited all Robotron fans to share in the festivities on the historic 30th birthday, June 1, 2012.

  • Yes, there are still many Robotron fans out there!- click HERE to see what they have to say about the game.
  • Youtube announcement video HERE

History of Robotron’s release-

  • Per Williams sales rep on 5/25/2012- Robotron first hit arcade floors on June first 1982. Yes it was out in (Chicago) test locations starting in late Feb/early March of 82. Mid June the factory actually stopped the production line for a few days to figure out some of the games problematic issues. (It was common for all manufactures, Stern/Bally/Midway/Rockola/Etc. to run a beta cycle at their test locations prior to the official release date)
  • The official release date you see at the IGN site listing June 1, 1982 is 100% accurate per Williams.  The date of March 12, 1982 listed as the commerce date, reflects the field testing phase, not production release. Trademark registration was filed April 8, 1982, registered June 7, 1983, renewed Feb. 11, 2004, and set to expire June 7, 2013.
  • Jarvis footage from March 27, 1982 AOE in Chicago- YOUTUBE


Star World’s Patrick O’Malley-

Walter DayOn marking Robotron’s 30th birthday, I wish that Robotron would now have a son, Robotron II, which is equally as challenging, that can lead a new era of high-score competition.

ItsEViLDeD- The pop-culture of Robotron is written into the fabric of artistic beats with this Birthday tribute.

Jonathan Koolpe-

Mark H-

Rich B- from Canada

Jeff F-

blastAgain (twitter)-

  • I want to celebrate 30th anniversary of ROBOTRON from JAPAN! Happy birthday!!
  • From the first play in 1982 I was hooked to the crazy tension of this game! Even in 30 years, I’m still playing ROBOTRON time to time and also find new ROBOTRON players from twitter friends, some are even born after ROBOTRON!
  • Included pic is around 2 years ago I made my tiny ROBOTRON cabinet and last year I made combo cabinet of ROBOTRON with another great game STARGATE. They are dreams come true playing dedicated machine in the home.
  • I hope everyone, new comers still playing this game and going crazy! Also hope for ROBOTRON II !!!!!!
  • See the Japanese 30th Birthday celebration HERE
  • Youtube link for tiny ROBOTRON 
  •  More about tiny Robotron HERE
  • More about combo machine HERE

Hans at Star Worlds-

Alex at Star Worlds-

Mitchell at Star Worlds-

Byron at Star Worlds-

Dave K.- Happy Birthday to one of the two greatest video games of all time. 😉

Ken and Darrin at Star Worlds- 

Jimmy at Star Worlds- 

Trickman Terry at Star Worlds-


Vince at Star Worlds- 

Star World’s Glenn Thomas-

Cupcake celebration at Star Worlds-  Thanks to everyone who participated in Robotron’s birthday party!

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