Japan Celebrates Robotron’s 30th Birthday!

On June 8th, 2012, Star Worlds’ friend, blastAgain, organized a warehouse party in Japan to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Robotron!

blastAgain wrote-

The party was in the workshop of my friend. We could play Defender(arcade), ROBOTRON(19in1, MAME0145,mini), BigBuckHunter Pro(wii) at the same time and eat hotdogs! BBH was projected to about 1.3m wide. 2 people mode is super fun!
We have enjoyed very much!

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Editor note- Here in the USA, we can take for granted that old video games are accessible.  This is the story of a Japanese fan and how he obtained a Robotron Cocktail machine.

Satoshi,  denji_n(Twitter name)-
I became a ROBOTRON fan when I bought XBLA version of ROBOTRON. At first I only felt it is a difficult game, but after I got advises of from Twitter followers and found this game is very fun to play. After that I got other advises from “over million points” players who played ROBOTRON in ’82 and tried hard to get over a million everyday!

On March 2010, I want to play real machine so much, that I decided to get ROBOTRON cocktail table from ebay. The place didn’t accept order directly from Japan, so I got it through the transport company in Japan. FYI ebay price is $830, through the transport company it added up to $1114.

When the day machine coming to my home (in Osaka), my friends in Tokyo including Hiroshi (blastAgain) and the workshop owner where the 30th anniversary party held came here and celebrated real ROBOTRON! (It is in about 20 years of real arcade play at that time -blastAgain) To my surprise, everyone can play better than me! I had a very good time!
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from blastAgain- The day it arrived it is not working correctly (controller prob I remember?)  but after some tweaks with the guy of the workshop it revived! but no sound. When I test played it in silence, suddenly the sound also came back! and my score was around 900k. What a fun! Unfortunately after several plays it became silent again!!! and not come back for that day. I heard after changing chips later, now the sound is fixed and can play normally.

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