Japan’s Tribute to Robotron 30th Anniversary

In May 2012, Star Worlds was introduced to Japan’s number 1 Robotron fan, Hiroshi/blastAgain.  On  June 1st, he sent a birthday wish, then organized a birthday party event, and provided a Robo-Player biography to the website.  What you see here is a compilation of Japanese Robotron fans paying respects to a great classic game, artfully translated to English by Hiroshi. 

  • Page content taken from the English translated site HERE
  •  The original content of some of these entries can be read in Japanese HERE

                                 ROBOTRON 30th Anniversary SHOUT OUT from JAPAN

Hiroshi Kanechiku,  @blastAgain(twitter)

  • < 3 million player “back in the day”, 1 million player now. >
  • I propose to do a little project on Twitter to have messages of celebration of ROBOTRON, or comments from Japanese ROBOTRON fans!
  • So I want to help compile Japanese fans’ messages!
    The result was comprised to this page but almost all messages are unfortunately Japanese.
  • Here are the messages and if there is contact address I added, and some with my comment.
  • My comment is braced with <>.

Satoshi Nakamura, @denji_n(twitter)

  • “Also included another story of Hanging ROBOTRON machine!”
  • The cocktail machine was placed temporary to my garage, but that place is suffering humidity and I decided to place it to my room(4th floor). But I found the size is too big to use staircase! So I arranged transport sevice specializing furniture such as piano. They took out the front glass in case of accident….
  • Covering with cushion. I was really nervous it is the first time watching like this!
  • Got hooked! Let’s start going UP!

  • Sometimes the electric cable suffers transport, but this time didn’t.
  • And now placed in my room safely! At that time my room is full of goods, so I slept near the table with mattress for a while. When I woke up in the morning, my ROBOTRON is IN FRONT OF ME!


  • <He is the owner of the workshop we did the party>
  • <10 millions player>
  • “Defender is LIFE. ROBOTRON is PURPOSE IN LIFE.”
  • “Several years ago I am also surprised to hear there are Japanese fan of ROBOTRON! Dear Eugene Jarvis, I want your autograph on my STARGATE manual alongside the autograph of LARRY DEMAR! “
  • <I heard he got his autograph in pinball show in US. Everywhere else is full of pinball, so Larry signed saying “Please Hide the STARGATE Manual”. At that time the atmosphere is VS videogame 🙂 >
  • “I’m really interested to know what Mr.Jarvis think knowing there are Japanese ROBOTRON fans.”
  • “Some place (may be Shinjyuku, Tokyo) operated ROBOTRON Left FIRE and right MOVE!”


  • < 3-4 million player >
  • Making old feeling games.
  • “I got ROBOTRON WART on my finger!”
  • <He is my old friend and the friend I first found ROBOTORON with. We are hooked and played alternately!>


  • “Happy 30th Anniversary! As a 15 year old boy when I played ROBOTRON I got tremendous influence to my life! Bitmap effect, Sound effect and all is THE BEST!”
  • My name is ONITAMA in Onionsoft. I run regular ONITAMA broadcast Station(OBS) on Ustream and about HSP( Hot Soup Processor software language). ONION software is run by group but not company. The homepage provides information of our work. Onitama is the name of the lead of Onion software and working as a programmer for a company, I make games, music and software related creations.

FLO @takaflo(twitter)

  • “I draw picture, play games, read comics and sleep! In contact please send me a email!  Many posts on twitter are around games. Fond shooting games and arcade boards. “
  • “Is there any ROBOTRONISED Girl? 🙂 “

  • <comment from denji_n That is GREAT! if she is a master level player! I want to be an apprentice!>
  • <comment from blastAgain Wow! That is cool! But upright is rare in Japan!>
  • <comment from pingarage Talking such as “At that time Enforcer’s projectile has ..”>
  • <comment from loderun Whatever is ROBOTRONISED Girl? Does she bump against any family found? 🙂 >
  • <comment from okaz6809 ROBOTRONISED Girl looks very good, but her height seems over 170cm… >

Manabu Namiki @manabn(twitter)

  • “I’m working for video game over 20 years. Fly to live and shoot’em all. Good luck.”
  • “Hi, I’m Japanese shmup music composer. I’ve been playing a real machine at PHOF the week before and really excited. We <3 Robotron.”
  •  <He is music composer behind many arcade games such as Thunder Dragon, Battle Garegga, Dodonpachi Daioujyou, Mushihimesama, Gradius ReBirth, Contra ReBirth and many many others! He was joined Allumer,NMK, RAIZING(currently Eighting), formed Basiscape and now joined in M2 workhouse behind such as SEGA remake.>
  • “Even these days when I start XBOX360 I realized to start ROBOTRON unconsciously, but making little progress! But ROBOTRON is very fun and cannot stop playing! I never had this level of tense and fascinating gaming experience in an instant!”
  • <comments from visiting the Pinball Hall of Fame>
    Enjoyed here very much!

Maaaaaany game machines!

The Flashy Greatest game in the arcade history!


  • <friend of denji_n,  friend of Yak Jeff Minter (Llamasoft) >
  • “Hi, I was a bit late to party(introduced via Llamatron recent years), but I’m lucky to have friends now to play Robotron with 🙂 “

@WonderBoyWild(twitter) , westone bit entertainment Ryuichi Nishizawa

  • “Happy celebration to ROBOTRON 30th Anniversary! I made STG NOVA2001 influeced with ROBOTRON! I tried to make Japanese ROBOTRON but fall short. Then and still NOW ROBOTRON is the great game to me.”
  • < He is a president of westone bit entertainment company behind Wonder Boy series. His hobby is watching movies and playing games. Pixar movie is his favorite, Now trying WonderBoy remake with Unity, but 3D world is a little tough. >


  • <He loves vector games! and running website “All About Vectrex” >
  • “I must make control panel for playing ROBOTRON for the celebration of 30th Anniversary. I already prepared the leaf switch joysticks. “
  • <He also joined to our celebration party>


  • Hobby is playing pinball and want to have it in my home in the future. May try Visual Pinball. I sometimes make Minecraft MOD.
  • I’m interested in playing ROBOTRON. There was in XBLA, but now stopped distribution. It is a coincidence I born on the year of the ROBOTRON, so I want to play.  (editor comment-  XBLA Robotron download codes still available on ebay for less than 2 dollars US.  Oops, did I say that out loud?)

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